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Book Review | Ways to Ride the Market Cycle: Part 1: The Top by Brian Maddox @B_Matha_Maddox #invest

Title: Ways to Ride the Market Cycle: Part 1: The Top

Author: Brian Maddox

Genre: Investing, Financial Risk Assessment

Book Blurb:

Chances are you have entertained thoughts of trying to financially prepare for retirement or make the most out of your money today, and like most people, you don’t know where to begin. Understanding the market cycle is a critical factor in determining whether you are making the right choices.

Ways to Ride the Market Cycle: Part 1 The Top explores the indicators when we may be approaching the top of the market cycle. This book touches on fixed income, REIT, equity, commodities and choice derivative assets all as potential vehicles to mitigate systematic risk at a time when market risk is arguably elevated. Written for investors trying to navigate the market cycle, Ways to Ride the Market Cycle provides tips and strategies to protect investments from systematic risk when at or approaching a market top. Life can be a rollercoaster, but our hard-earned financial assets do not have to buy a front seat ticket. Volatility is coming, are you sure your portfolio is prepared?

My Review:

If you’re anything like me, trying to navigate through the stock market and preparing for retirement is a mine field. There’s so many options and one wrong move can bankrupt you. Who can you trust? Is it even possible to ride the roller coaster without giving up huge chunks of money in fees?

Ways to Ride the Market Cycle: Part 1 by Brian Maddox is the perfect hack to navigating the shark-infested waters of investing. Each chapter provides detailed financial strategies for all investors with easy to follow tips and illustrations to point you in the right direction. I liked how easy it was for me, a novice in the financial market, to understand what each concept meant with little confusion. Honestly, I took some of the tips and asked my business manager about them. He reconfirmed Brian Maddox’s strategies to ride the market cycle.

If you want to get an insider’s tips and tricks to ride the market cycle, pick up this book. It’s like a workshop with a CPA without leaving the confines of your office or home. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

Buy it Now:

Free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

Author Biography:

Brian Maddox (1988) was born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. For the first ten years after high school Brian continued to find himself in post secondary studies. After achieving his Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) in 2011 at the University of Alberta, Brian landed a desk job as a full-time accountant where he completed his Charter (CPA) under the CMA legacy program in 2015. He then continued his education well working as an accountant, with the CFA program, whilst writing his first book, The Reframe: Reframe Relationships. Soon after the book was published Brian passed all three levels of the CFA examination and currently continues to enjoy writing and investing in a variety of asset classes.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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