Beautiful Will Do - A Darkest Desires Novella by @CadenceVonn is a Snuggle Up Readathon Pick #erotic

Title: BEAUTIFUL WILL DO – A Darkest Desires Novella



Book Blurb:

It’s anything but routine when undercover police officer Veronica Willis poses as a high-priced escort at The Wharf Club, an exclusive Boston establishment that caters to all its wealthy members’ needs. She’s there to track down the killer of a famous madam. What she isn’t prepared for is the way she reacts to an encounter with one of the club’s regulars. His brand of pleasure is addicting, and she craves more.

FBI agent Tyler Monroe infiltrates The Wharf Club to nab the mastermind of an illegal arms deal. But when his informant is found floating in the bay, he loses his usual cool and plays dark, sexy games with a beautiful new hooker at the club. Her unpracticed response to kink torches his reserve and turns his diversion into a need to discover everything about the woman.

All bets and cuffs are off as they navigate their intoxicating emotional connection. But Tyler inadvertently puts Veronica in the killer's crosshairs when he introduces her to a ménage a trois scenario, and the race against time escalates as their worlds—and cases—collide.


Her partner, Phillip Martin, better known throughout the precinct as Snake, waited for her on a leather-covered stool at the end of the long mahogany bar. He sipped a martini with two olives speared in the clear liquid. Veronica had learned a long time ago never to ask about nicknames, but from the crude jokes the precinct guys made about how well-endowed Phillip was, she could only surmise his nickname came from a certain part of his anatomy. She snorted at how many times he teased her, suggesting they have sex so he could show her just how he could please her. And now, here she was, planning to be his fake lover for the night.

Their job entailed acting like a rich businessman and his escort, using the same room for illicit sex as the famous and now-deceased Madame Lana used last week. The woman’s body had been found beaten, strangled, and dumped in the bay where it got tangled in a fisherman’s lines.

A moment before Veronica reached Phillip, a man took hold of her elbow and steered her in a different direction. She turned to look up into a pair of midnight blue eyes. He winked at her as he maneuvered her away from her goal.

“I wouldn’t approach the man at the bar if I were you.”

A whiff of scotch caressed her nose as the man spoke near her face.

“He’s a cop.”

“Really? How do you know?” Veronica turned and rested her hand on the man’s chest and looked into his eyes with what she hoped was a shocked expression.

“Rented tux, for starters.”

“That says he’s a cop?” Surprise tinged her voice.

“Says he doesn’t belong. And the only people who get in here who don’t belong are cops and sexy ladies like yourself.”

“Are you saying I don’t belong?” she purred in her imitation country-club-rich-bitch accent that all her mother’s friends used.

“Actually, I hope you do belong in some fashion or another. I’m Tyler, and I’d be glad to show you around if you like.” His smile broadened, and a hint of a smirk crinkled the corners of his eyes.