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The Palace of the Stars, Harker Investigates Mystery One by Bestseller @Gaklari is a Christmas and H

Title: The Palace of the Stars, Harker Investigates Mystery One

Author: Karina McRoberts

Genre: Time-travel adventure/romance

Book Blurb:

An intelligent time-travel adventure with a focus on neural diversity. This richly realised and highly evocative novel will appeal to mystery, adventure, and romance readers alike. In 2014, Michael Harker, Australian rookie ex-cop, has been badly beaten but is determined to re-invent himself as a crime fighter. While convalescing with the spry, quirky bookshop owner Mari Linden, an earthquake opens a time portal and Mike finds himself over a hundred years in the past. He befriends JT Gordon, the magnanimous impresario of The Palace of the Stars, a grand musical hall theatre. Mike battles with strange shifts in consciousness, sleepwalking, restrictive dress standards, and the strict morals of the time. And, his love for a beautiful dancer and stage magician, Mae Belle. Mae has a strange bond to her on-stage magic partner, the mysterious Chan Li. Her off-stage lover? The mother of his young children? She says no, but Mike hears otherwise. Should he stay or go back? Can he go back? Does he have any right to take Mae with him, even if he can convince her he's not a nut case? Before Mike can sort out this dilemma, Mae begs him to solve a series of gruesome murders. Mike joins with his friends from the Palace to trap the murderer, but realises no justice will be done and he must make a horrible choice. In the present day, Mari must deal with a cunning book thief and a bureaucrat who would shut down her shop. If the building's condemned, the portal will close and Mike will never be able to return! Welcome to the Palace - you're in for a treat!


Mae Belle was in the middle of her rowdy song and dance. When Mike came back to his seat, she had her back to the audience. Usually a theatrical sin, but in this case she was doing the hoochy coo. As she waggled her bustled bum, the gallery again erupted in pandemonium!

But when she turned face-on once more, Mae Belle was an entirely different creature. Sombre, most serious. It was time for the magical part of her act.

For Michael Harker, this began when he looked straight into her magical eyes.

He was nothing.

Because she was everything.

She sang. It was singing as heaven sings.

Her notes touched his ears in tender caress.

Her voice kissed his soul.


She was exquisite.

Every perfection.

Each nuance of her being called out to him to be known.

One look into those eyes, where every heaven dwelled, lifted his heart, his entire being; far aloft. Riding with the highest note of her enraptured song…where was she taking him?

And then he knew he must have her.

At all costs.

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Share a holiday family tradition:

To think of those who have no family. To realise that not everyone is experiencing good fortune. Traditionally marked as Boxing Day (Dec 26th). To think of some small gift, some way to help and endeavour to make that happen. Usually small, because that's all we could do. Could also be a gift to the environment.

Why is your featured book perfect to get readers in the holiday mood:

Because it's feel-good stuff. Because the story is about real love and celebrating every moment. And, not taking loved ones for granted. Thus, "Don’t measure your time in minutes, treasure your time in moments". - from the author.


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Runs December 1 – 31.

Drawing will be held on January 3, 2020.

Author Biography:

Karina McRoberts has published six novels in two genres - a time travel adventure/romance series, set in Western Australia (The Palace of the Stars, The Mine's Eye, and The Light) and an epic fantasy trilogy with a female lead and modern themes (Chelandra, Master of the World, and Juggernaut). Her smaller works include an anthology and a short-story (The Haunting of York - A Ghostly Anthology and Lost and Found - A Ghost Story).

Karina derives inspiration from living in a beautiful forest, while working with her husband to restore the remainder of their environs from degraded farmland to habitat for wildlife. Tahshi, their wonder dog extraordinaire, is a friend to all.

In addition to being an avid conservationist, Karina is a musician with a keen interest in world and renaissance music. She has wandered very far and been engaged in a variety of professions, ranging from migrant sweat-shop labourer to research scientist. Recently, she's been busy as a lizard surgeon and sometime snake handler.

Karina has intense interests in the evolution of social justice and the expansion of human (and animal) consciousness.

Never at a loss for inspiration, she aims to bring her readers entertainment, enlightenment and, most of all, pure enjoyment!

Karina is presently hard at work on her next novel, which will take place in the Scottish Hebrides and The Valley of the Kings.

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