Announcing the 2020 N. N. Light Book Awards - Finalists #books #bestbooks2020 #bookawards #bookish

We at N. N. Light's Book Heaven read a wide variety of books every year. 2020 was no different. We read and reviewed over 1,000 books this year. As the year draws to a close, we award the best books of the year (December 2019 - November 2020). Each of these books were given a 5 star or 5+ star review by N. N. Light's Book Heaven and they are highly recommended reads. These are the finalists:

Action Adventure:

Demigods by J. Giambrone

Children’s Books/Middle Grade:

Frederick Fly-Catcher by Helen C. Johannes

Vegetable Chatter by Mommy Moo Moo

Christian Fiction/Romance:

My Heart Weeps by Pamela S. Thibodeaux

Rose In The Desert by K.M. Daughters

Patriot's Courage by Penelope Marzec

Contemporary Romance:

For The Love of You (Pacific Vista Ranch #3) by Claire Marti

Whispers in Washington: Ticket to True Love by Jennifer Wilck

Mountain Blaze by Debby Grahl

Cozy Mystery:

Murder: Double or Nothing (Southern California Mysteries, #3) by Lida Sideris

Fais Do Do Die (Big Uneasy, #5) by Pauline Baird Jones

Fireworks, A Firecracker & Foul Play (Death by Cupcake, #5) by D.E. Haggerty

Crime Thriller:

Virtually Timeless (High-Tech Crime Solvers #5) by Casi McLean

Torment in the Wind (Wind Series, #7) by Judy Bruce

Dark Romance:

Reign Of Pride (Dark Reign Book 1) by A.G. Kirkham


New Wave (The Islands Of Anarchy #1) by Jennifer Ann Shore

Wasteland (Operation Galton, #2)

Fate of War (Leftover Girl, #5) by C. C. Bolick

Erotic Romance:

Until We Get It Right by Cadence Vonn

A Matter of Manners (Shades of Sin, #1) by Terry Graham

Yours...Mine...Always by Cadence Vonn


The Lost Link (Power of Fae, #1) by Michelle Bryan

Evolutionary Magic (Andromeda Bochs Book 1) by Christina Herlyn

Elemental Links: Steel and Magic Book 1 by M.A. Leon

Fantasy Romance:

Solace: Fae Warriors Book 1 by Gini Rifkin

Only One Summer, Book 2, Sisters of the Legend Trilogy by K. M. Daughters

Waiting for the Laird by Willa Blair

Fiction/Literary Fiction:

My Name Is Danny: Tales From Danny the Dog by Andrew Joyce

Legend of the Lost Ass by Karen Winters Schwartz

Confronting Religious Fanaticism (An Eye for an Eye, #1) by Steve Shear

Historical Fiction:

Northern Wolf (Northern Wolf, #1) by Daniel Greene

The Cold Palace (The Forbidden City #4) by Melissa Addey

Blood and Silver by Vali Benson

Historical Mystery:

A Trace of Deceit (Victorian Mystery, #2) by Karen Odden

Double or Nothing by Clabe Polk

A Girl's Best Friend by Annalisa Russo

Historical Romance:

A Hundred Lies by Jean M. Grant

By Promise Made by Susan Leigh Furlong

The Berserker's Bride by Laura Strickland

Holiday Romance:

Mistletoe, Mobsters, & Mozzarella by Peggy Jaeger

Twelfth Night Promise: A Stolen Kisses Novella by Alanna Lucas

Waiting for a Miracle by Jennifer Wilck

Medieval Fiction/Romance:

A Winter Knight (Knights of Destiny Book 2) by Barbara Bettis

Clement: Boy Knight of Normandy (Clement, #1) by Craig T. Hipkins

The Maxwell Ghost by Ruth A. Casie


Walks with Sam: A Man, a Dog, and a Season of Awakening by David W. Berner

Mom...It's Cancer: They all said she was much too young. They were all very wrong by Debbie Legault

Foreigner In My Own Backyard: A Satirical Memoir by Travis Casey

Military Romance:

Home in Your Arms by Charlotte O’Shay

A Bounty on Forever by Connie Y. Harris


Hide and Seek by Jo A. Hiestand

Hit and Run ?: A Brad Petronella novella (Brad Petronella novellas) by F.J. Donohue


Stocks, Bonds & Taxes: A Comprehensive Handbook and Investment Guide for Everybody by Phillip B. Chute

The Ultimate Boston Bruins Trivia Book: A Collection of Amazing Trivia Quizzes and Fun Facts for Die-Hard Bruins Fans! By Ray Walker

Corporate Undertaker: Business Lessons from the Dead and Dying by Domenic Aversa


Metallic Red (The Royally Human Vampire, #1) by Jennifer Ann Shore

Crimson at Cape May (The Haunted Shores Mysteries #2) by Randy Overbeck