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Why should you get a proofreader when there are so many AI tools out there? It’s simple. Nancy is a real human, not a machine. #freelance #proofreader #proofreading #editor #editing

Need an editor to proofread your book before you publish?

Welcome to N. N. Light Editing Services, part of N. N. Light's Book Heaven. We offer a full range of editing services including proofreading. While we're proficient in all areas, our specialties include proofreading. Nancy is the in-house editor, and she earned a Bachelor of Arts - English Literature degree. She is also an accredited and certified editor. Her eye for detail has helped more than forty authors/books.


Why should you get a proofreader when there are so many AI tools out there?


It’s simple. Nancy is a real human, not a machine. She can tell the difference between its and it’s, they’re and their and there, plus she’ll get a feel for your writing style. Robots can’t understand plot progression, emotional tension, and dialogue.


When it comes to proofreading, Nancy will go through your manuscript and correct what needs to be corrected. She takes her time while reading aloud, to make sure your book is error-free.


Read some testimonials from satisfied clients:

I've been a satisfied customer with N.N. Lights Book Heaven for promotion of my novels for the last couple of years, but recently I used them to copy edit one of my books and was pleased with the price and the results. ~ Dalia Dupris, Romance author


I reached out to N. N. Light's Book Heaven when my usual editor was unavailable. They were supportive, efficient, and punctual. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs editing services. ~ USA Today bestselling author Aubrey Wynne

I use N.N. Light’s editing services for my Port Sunset Mysteries series. They do copy editing and proofreading for me. They are always accommodating to my publishing schedule and finish the work on time or ahead of schedule. They do a fabulous job with both copy editing and proofreading, are communicative and pleasant to work with, and their services are very reasonably priced. If you’re looking for editing services, I highly recommend N.N. Light. ~ Donna Simonetta/Louise Stevens, Author of the Port Sunset Mysteries

N.N. Light’s Editorial Services are easy to work with and they do a fantastic job. Self-publishing a book is a stressful process, and working with them made me feel so much better—not only about the quality of my book but about the entire process. I highly recommend them! ~ Author Jennifer Wilck

I am using the very talented services of N.N. Light to edit and proofread my books. After trying numerous independent editors and editing services, I've finally found an editor that is professional, detail-oriented, honest, gentle, and reasonably priced. I couldn't be happier! ~ Kay Harris 

I have used N.N. Light’s editing, proofreading, reviews, and promotions for all three of my series and I wouldn’t use anyone else! ~ Author Diane Moat

Huge shoutout to N. N. Light for proofreading a book I’m helping a group of rebbetzins (Rabbis’ wives) publish. I thought it’d be impossible to find someone who knew Jewish culture, AND Hebrew & Yiddish in English transliteration, AND could turn it around FAST! ~ NYT & USAT bestselling author Shoshanna Gabriel

I am so beyond happy with the copy editing services that N. N. Light provided for my upcoming young adult romance. I particularly loved how the team didn't edit out my voice and conversational tone but focused on changes that would make the narrative more clear and powerful for the reader. Also, I make a fair share of technical grammatical errors—never in my life will I learn to use an apostrophe properly—and am grateful that the team caught all of my mistakes. Would absolutely recommend their services! ~ Award-Winning Bestseller Jennifer Ann Shore




30,000 words or less -- $195


30,001 - 40,000 words -- $260


40,001 - 50,000 words -- $325


50,001 - 60,000 words -- $390


60,001 - 70,000 words -- $455


70,001 - 80,000 words -- $520


80,001 - 90,000 -- $585


90,001 - 100,000 -- $650


In the world of scammers and bots, you want someone you can trust, someone who wants your book to succeed as much as you do. Nancy is that person.


Want to touch base with Nancy about proofreading? Use the contact page on N. N. Light’s Book Heaven:



Or email her directly:

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N. N. Light
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