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4 stars for Thirst Of The Rain God: Secrets of the Maya by J.A. Kalis #travel #adventure #thriller

Title: Thirst Of The Rain God: Secrets of the Maya

Author: J.A. Kalis

Genre: Travel Adventure, Action-Adventure

Book Blurb:

Lost civilization. Ancient secrets.

A fast-paced adventure where danger lurks around every corner.

While exploring ancient ruins nestled deep in the lush Guatemalan jungle, a team of international archaeologists makes a stunning discovery. They find a sprawling network of tunnels and caves filled with man-made structures, intricately carved stone statues, inscriptions and murals that hint at the mythical Mayan underworld, Xibalba.

Eager to learn more about the shadowy place, they descend further underground and stumble upon hidden passageways that seem to stretch forever, treasure-laden tombs and secluded chambers which show signs of ritual usage. But it soon becomes apparent that they are not alone in the vast subterranean maze. Someone else is there. Someone who is ready to kill to protect the sinister secrets that lay hidden there for centuries.

Fans of gripping action adventure thrillers laced with archaeological mystery will love Thirst Of The Rain God. Also recommended for anyone interested in the ancient Maya.

My Review:

Deep in the jungle of Guatemala, there's a hidden Mayan civilization about the be unearthed. Reporter Randy wants the scoop first, so he's hired Travis, a jungle tour guide, to take him there. It's dangerous in the jungle as Randy soon discovers. Travis is not the clean-cut man as first appears but one with a shady past. As the two men venture further into the jungle, they encounter all sorts of things. Once they get to the excavation site, they find it empty. They enter the ruins and that is when the adventure really begins. Rooms of vast treasure but there's also something else there, something that doesn't want the world to know about its secrets. Can Randy, Travis, and the rest of the team of archaeologists escape in time or will they have to pay with their lives for awakening the gods?

Thirst of the Rain God is a suspenseful adventure story from start to finish. I love a rollicking archaeology tale (think Indy Jones) and while this one started this way, it surely didn't end that way. Sure, there were tense moments but it was overshadowed by a murky plot. What I loved was the adrenaline-inducing thrill of the discoveries around every corner. I enjoyed the Mayan mythology and descriptive narration. J.A. Kalis plunges the reader deep in the jungle and added depth to the plot. The characters, for the most part, I didn't connect with. I found Randy milkatose and drole. I did like Travis for awhile but then he began to get on my nerves. The dialogue was well-done and propelled the plot. What I didn't like was there wasn't a clear-cut ending. Where was the climax? It just pretty much ended in a very anti-climatic way. Overall, it was a good adventure story with plenty of twists and turns. If you're a fan of Greig Beck and Steve Berry, you'll love Thirst of the Rain God.

My Rating: 4 stars

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Author Biography:

J.A. Kalis is an emerging writer, author of four novels including the suspenseful adventure thriller series 'The Curse Of Inca Gold' consisting of her début novel 'When The Jaguar Sleeps' and its sequel 'Wrath Of The Jaguar Man'. She speaks multiple languages and has lived in several different countries. Her writing is action-packed and fuelled by her passion for travelling and exploring other cultures and customs. In her novels, she transports the readers to unique, often exotic locations, pulling them into the story, right into where all the action takes place. Vivid descriptions of the setting, believable characters, tightly knit plot, relentless pace, continuous, spine-tingling suspense and mystery characterize her books.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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