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5+ stars for A Chain of Pearls (a Martha’s Vineyard Murders mystery, book one) by Raemi A. Ray #mystery #newrelease #bookreview

Title: A Chain of Pearls (a Martha’s Vineyard Murders mystery, book one)

Author: Raemi A. Ray

Genre: Mystery


Book Blurb:


The last thing she wants is to dig up the past…


When the body of a celebrated journalist is fished from the Edgartown Harbor, the official report rules his death accidental. But why was he alone on a senator’s yacht during a nor’easter? That’s only the first question London-based lawyer Kyra Gibson has when she arrives on the idyllic island of Martha’s Vineyard to settle her estranged father’s affairs.


She’s not looking for closure. She’s not seen him in decades since he left her with her aunt following her mother’s death. But as Kyra delves deeper into her father’s life, she learns he had many regrets and wasn’t as retired as she believed. The more Kyra discovers, the more questions she has. With the help of world-weary detective, Tarek Collins, they uncover a web of intrigue and corruption involving a powerful senator, a dubious energy company, and brutal murder.


As they chase down clues, Kyra and Tarek flirt with danger and race against time to solve the murders and uncover the dark secrets lurking beneath Martha’s Vineyard’s picturesque façade of old money wealth and privilege.


My Review:


Kyra travels to Martha’s Vineyard to settle her late father’s affairs, not realizing she’d stumble upon something much more sinister. Teaming up with Detective Tarek, can they unravel what happened to her father? A Chain of Pearls is a riveting mystery I couldn’t put down. The characters are shrouded in suspense. The plot progression is even which allows for building of tension and action. The descriptive narration is immersive. But it’s the setting of Martha’s Vineyard which makes this an unforgettable read.


Let’s start with the mystery. I love a good mystery, especially in an interesting setting. I’ve never been to Martha’s Vineyard, but I’ve visited Coronado Island and Mackinaw Island. Island people are very intriguing which makes it perfect for a murder mystery. Raemi A Ray slowly builds the mystery with false clues, dead ends, plus an intricate investigation. Brilliantly executed from start to finish.


The characters are well-written. I connected with Kyra right away. She’s a logical, intelligent woman who wants to find answers. The more I read, the more I liked her.


The cast of characters are an eclectic group of people, many of whom would make for excellent suspects. Raemi A. Ray takes care with each character, even the minor ones, making sure the reader understands what’s going on. Yet, there’s still a mystery to solve.


The setting of Martha’s Vineyard is like a character itself. The author details what’s happening and what’s going on as well as the island itself. It’s so visual, so lush, I couldn’t stop reading.


An engrossing mystery from start to finish, A Chain of Pearls is a must-read for mystery readers. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Raemi A. Ray is the author of A Chain of Pearls, her debut and the first book in a Martha’s Vineyard Murders series set on Martha’s Vineyard. Her travels to the island and around the world inspire her stories. She lives in Boston.


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Reviewed by: Nancy

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Marsha Riegert West
Marsha Riegert West
16 avr.

This sounds intriguing. Is it 1st person or 3rd person POV? Thanks.

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