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A Second Chance House by @stacey_wilk is a Shake Off Winter Doldrums Festival Pick #giveaway

Title: A Second Chance House

Author: Stacey Wilk

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Book Blurb:

Grace Starr plans. She likes order, organization, and the smell of bleach. When her ex-husband evicts her from her predictable life, she’s faced with the hit-you-between-the-eyes realization she’s been a bystander in her own life. Then a letter arrives. An anonymous donor gifts her a worn-out house in a small town.

She’ll have to put up with the neighbor. Blaise Savage is an incorrigible, nearly washed-up drummer in a rock band. His unbridled personality challenges everything she holds dear. He’s sexy and that wicked wink probably had half the female population in his bed. For Grace, his lifestyle is out of control.

Is the woman who never takes a risk willing to risk it all – and possibly fall in love?


A pickup truck glided off the road and stopped behind her car. The sun’s glare bounced off the windshield, making it impossible to see the driver. She shielded her eyes with one hand and gripped her keys with the other.

A tall male hopped out of the driver’s side. “Do you northerners make it a habit of running out of gas?”

Grace loosened her grip on the keys, but she looked around for a way to escape. Maybe a tornado would appear and suck her up in its funnel. She’d hoped Blaise would never find out about her stupidity. “Did Beau make you come?” Her voice wobbled.

Blaise swaggered up to her. “Nah. After he was done yelling about women and cars, I offered. Figured I’d save Pete the drive and Beau the call to bark at him.”

“Beau was yelling?”

“Whole neighborhood could hear him. Where were you coming back from anyway?”

She turned and looked toward the woods. That might be a good place to run and hide.

“I’m sorry I inconvenienced you. I’m not the kind of person who runs out of gas.”

“Lighten up, Grace. Ain’t no big deal.” He pumped up his southern accent. “Pop open your gas tank. You know where that button is?” He laughed. “You weren’t trying to get out of dinner, were you?”

He poured the gas into the car, and she held her nose. “It would’ve been easier to call and cancel, don’t you think?” she said.


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What’s your favorite activity to shake off the winter doldrums?

Yoga is my favorite activity for everything. Warming up my muscles and gliding from pose to pose gets the cobwebs out of my head and prepares me for whatever comes my way. And there’s always curling up with a favorite book and good cup of tea.

Why is your featured book a cure for the winter blues?

A Second Chance House takes place during the summer in Tennessee. If you’re tired of the cold, slip away for a while with Grace and Blaise and enjoy the heat.


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Enter to win a $50 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

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Open internationally.

Runs March 1 – 31

Drawing will be held on April 1.

Author Biography:

Stacey Wilk wrote her first novel in middle school to quiet the characters in her head. It was that or let them out to eat the cannolis, and she wasn't sharing her grandfather’s Italian pastries.

Many years later her life took an adventurous turn when she gave birth to two different kinds of characters. She often sits in awe of their abilities to roll their eyes, stay-up all hours of the night, and misplace everything. She does share the cannolis with them for fear of having her fingers bitten off.

Because of the extraordinary characters in her home, including a king who surfaces after dark and for coffee, she writes novels in multiple genres about family, home, and second chances.

When she’s not creating stories in make-believe places, she can be found hanging with the cast members of her house or teaching others how to make make-believe worlds of their own.

Stop by for a visit and make sure to bring some cannolis. Or her private Facebook group for her amazing readers – Stacey’s Novel Family Or her newsletter -

Social Media Links: Facebook Readers’ Page

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