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Above the Abyss (The Beartooth Chronicles, Book 2) by Kim McMahill is a BHW pick #dystopian #newrelease #bookboost

Title: Above the Abyss (The Beartooth Chronicles, Book 2)

Author: Kim McMahill

Genre: Dystopian

Publisher: Fire & Ice Young Adult & New Adult Books


Book Blurb:


The residents of Beartooth have survived the first round of stratospheric aerosol injections intended to cool the planet, but predators have found their way to the community for the first time, and their closest neighbor is now ruled by an extremist faction.


Outside of Beartooth, Ash and Caleb Solomon encounter a group of geologists seeking refuge from the violence, division, hate, and corruption plaguing the nation. And the Continuity in Crisis Bill suspending elections during times of crisis has passed, effectively ending democracy in America, pushing the country toward civil war.


Despite the many challenges within and outside their isolated, mountain community, abandoning Beartooth is no longer an option. Most of its residents believe their location above the abyss will protect them from predators, dangerous neighbors, and a country in crisis, but Ash and Caleb have seen and heard too much to ever feel safe again.




“What do you think about all of that?” Caleb asked.


“I’ve never even wondered what people outside of Beartooth think of us, but now that I know people believe that we’re either Satan worshippers, crazy scientists experimenting with mind-altering drugs in hopes of taking over the world, religious fanatics, or a group of wealthy perverts and their beautiful young consorts, I feel a little outraged,” Ash replied.


“I can’t imagine anyone being gullible enough to believe any of those wacky stories with absolutely no evidence to corroborate any of them, but if they are, maybe they’re crazy enough to believe we need to be forced down their idea of a righteous path,” Caleb said.


“As if the past six months haven’t been scary enough, now we learn that the demise of our democracy is a real possibility, the country is thinking we’re a bunch of weirdos, three people from the outside want to move into our community, and we have well-armed thugs as our closest neighbor.”


“Look on the bright side, maybe we can marry Melora or Fiona off to Tyler.”


Ash laughed as she turned and wrapped her arms around Caleb’s neck. “That would be helpful. I worry that you’re going to punch him just for looking at me which is totally unnecessary since I only have eyes for you. If you got banished from Beartooth, it would force us to live our life alone in the wild.”


“If I was banished from Beartooth, you would follow me back into the wild?”


“I will follow you anywhere,” Ash responded as she leaned up and kissed him.


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Above the Abyss is the second novel in The Beartooth Chronicles. The ebook of the first novel, Refuge from the World, is currently on sale for $2.99 from most online booksellers and just $1.49 during the month of July on Smashwords. The third novel in the series, Isolated from Anarchy, is scheduled for release fall 2024.










Author Biography:


Kim McMahill started out writing nonfiction, but her passion for adventure, stories of survival against the odds, and speculating about the future of humanity and our planet, soon turned her attention towards fiction. Along with her novels, she has published over eighty travel and human-interest articles, and contributed to a travel story anthology. Growing up in a beautiful mountain west community, traveling the world, and enjoying a rewarding career with the National Park Service, has given her the opportunity to live in amazing places, experience incredible adventures, and witness many changes in our world, all of which have helped shape her stories.


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