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5 stars for Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors #mglit #middlegrade #fantasy #bookreview

Title: Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors

Author: Gina Vallance

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure

Book Blurb:

Twelve-year-old Amberly doesn't quite fit in with all the other fairies in Whimsical Land. One of her wings is undersized and paralyzed and instead of flying she has to run and leap through the air with the help of a stick. It's awkward, it's no fun, and she sometimes gets bullied for it, too. Worse than that, her mother worries about her disability and won't let her take sword-fighting lessons with her sorcerer uncle. But Amberly's been reading a fascinating book, Secret of the Fairy Warriors, and it's given her a clue to where her father disappeared when she was a young fairy. If she doesn't learn how to be a fairy warrior, she'll never get the chance to rescue him. Dark forces are at work, though, and Amberly and her fairy-butterfly watcher Safflower fall through a magical portal to where everything's in dark and scary contrast to the brilliance and light of Whimsical Land. Someone she meets and what she does there will change her life forever. This middle-grade fantasy bursts with imagination and tucked into all the fun and adventure are unforgettable lessons on self-acceptance, personal empowerment, and overcoming adversity.

My Review:

Amberly may be different from other young fairies, but she learns that’s the secret to rescuing her father. Amberly wishes she could fit in, like the rest of the fairies her age. She has a disabled wing but that doesn’t crush her spirit. She adapts and overcomes all the challenges. Her mother is overprotective and won’t let her take sword fighting lessons. Amberly’s not deterred, though, because she’s been reading an inspiring book on fairy warriors. While reading, she discovers an important clue on what might have happened to her father years ago. Armed with her confidence and determination, she sets upon a journey that will test her fortitude. Can she rescue her father from dark forces threatening to destroy everything Amberly holds dear?

Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors is an imaginative middle-grade fantasy with an inclusive message. I truly enjoyed Amberly as a heroine and she’s someone most kids can relate to. Due to her disability, she gets bullied, but she manages to overcome the bullies and all obstacles with a sense of humor. The plot moves at a great pace with adventure, humor, a full cast of characters, and important life lessons for kids to incorporate into their lives. Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors will appeal to any middle grade, YA, and even adult readers. The world-building was intricate, and it was easy to suspend disbelief while reading. The writing is captivating with descriptive narration and colorful characters. I found it easy to dive into as I whipped through the pages. If you’re a fan of middle-grade fantasy, you’ll want to read Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors. Looking for an inspiring middle-grade fantasy dealing with a disability for girls/young women? You’ll love Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors. I look forward to reading more from this author.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Gina Vallance has an AA degree in child development and a BA in English. She has worked as a preschool teacher and also as an art activity facilitator in a courthouse's children's waiting room. A childhood illness that sometimes left her marginalized and bullied was the inspiration for Amberly, a fairy who refuses to be sidelined by her disability. Gina works in Social Services in Los Angeles County and is happily married to her soulmate. They have a Shorkie dog named Emma, a Malshi dog named Raffaele, and two feline sisters named Belle and Jasmine. The next book in Gina's series, Onyx, is on the way.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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