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5 stars for An Empty God by Edward Eaton #bookreview #literaryfantasy #fantasy #mustread

Title: An Empty God

Author: Edward Eaton

Genre: Literary Fantasy


Book Blurb:


Dravpruk reigns over his lands, carving out seas, shaping mountain ranges, dallying with nymphs and satyrs, and sometimes chasing off giants or hunting trolls.


It is good to be a god.


When the first humans spread across his lands, Dravpruk's life becomes complicated. Does he antagonize the other gods by making war against these primitive creatures? Or should he try to understand humans? How does a young god survive with so many obstacles in his path?


My Review:


A captivating autobiography of a god. Rarely has a god taken time to put pen to parchment and document his day-to-day experiences.  Fans of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien will simply adore this book.


This book does soar but in a strong philosophical sense. You get to see the worlds through the eyes of a young god. The world building is incredible and that is literal too.


There truly is just one character and this makes a refreshing read.  Epic fantasy for fantasy readers. A book unlike any other I have ever read. A mind expanding read for the fantasy reader.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


In addition to being a writer, Edward Eaton is a stage director and fight choreographer who has worked extensively in the Boston area, regionally, and overseas. He has taught classes and workshops at a number of schools, including Harvard, MIT, and Brown. Currently, he calls MassBay Community College his teaching home, where he takes on classes in English, Literature, Critical Thinking, and Philosophy. As a writer, he is responsible for a number of works including the award-winning Rosi’s Doors series, the Greek verse duology of Hector and Achilles and Giants Fall, and other works. He has also published extensively as an essayist, a journalistic, a theatre and film critic, and a scholar. He lives in the Boston area with his wife, Silviya, and his son, Christopher—when he bothers to come home from college.


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Reviewed by: Tiger and Mr. N


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