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5 stars for Angels and Demons Unleashed: T: Demonic Investigator 4: Beyond T #occult #horror #books

Title: Angels & Demons Unleashed: T: Demonic Investigator 4: Beyond T

Author: Terry Ulick

Genre: Occult Fiction, Occult Horror, Paranormal

Book Blurb:

Going Beyond T!

The T: Demonic Investigator Saga continues with Book 4: Angels & Demons Unleashed. A shocking story of the Angels and Demons featured in the T Trilogy, this book starts with April May, the sweet Earth Angel as she recalls her innermost secret... Her pretty white dress ripped away, April May knew her father tore it from her to take her — as he had her mother. In the kitchen, he would feast on her innocence. Savagely thrown onto the table, she found a knife was in her hand. Not knowing her power, suddenly he was on the floor, the handle of a steak knife sticking out of his eye socket. He was dead. April May has a secret. She killed her father. Now, April faces the daughter of Satan in a battle that will change the world. Elsa, the ultimate demon, uses all her power to seduce April’s fiancé, T: Demonic Investigator. Elsa’s father has denied her his love. What’s a poor demon to do? Elsa has a good guess. Offer T pleasures beyond all imagination only she can give. T, April, Gloria, Amber, Heather, and Michael the Archangel face hell’s fury, all in the name of love — as craved by Elsa. Angels & Demons Unleashed takes you where no reader should go: Into the desires of true demons. With life eternal, they fear nothing. Now, a new breed of Angels is created with the power of Heaven — and hell. Earth Angels and all of Heaven combine to stop the lust of one love-crazed demon. Elsa. Lucifer’s little girl.

My Review:

The follow up to a superb three-book series, this book will not disappoint. The characters you know and love come back for another go around and this time the souls of the virtuous are at stake.

This book works as a standalone in fine fashion. The author went so far as to give excellently written bios of the major characters. Once a reader gets through those, they are set for the ride of a lifetime.

The daughter of Satan is sublime in her devious devilish evil. Truly there has never been such a person where beauty is only skin deep. The book sings with the tunes of what is true beauty. Suspenseful and sexy, this book has it all. The author does offer a fair warning to all at the start, so I won't bother to offer one here.

Fans of the original three-book series will simply love this book. If you are a fan of the ultimate battle of evil vs good, then this book is for you. If you like your battles to contain some hot hot hot love scenes between the characters then check this book out. The heat isn't just from the devil's daughter. A read that will keep the reader going on and on.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Spending his childhood living, literally, in a car, Terry Ulick had little space for personal belongings. He decided there were two books he would always keep with him: A Bible and a Dictionary. By 10, he had read the definition of every word, and understood both books were mystical roadmaps. They gave him the tools he needed most in life. Those two books, with hundreds of others along the way, taught him about the real world -- not just life in the car he grew up in. He discovered the real world through books, magazines, and newspapers.

Running away when 13 he decided to help others learn more about life as a writer and publisher. He started by earning money doing artwork, logos, and ads for small stores. With that money, still only 13, he started Renegade Company and published an underground newspaper which evolved to reporting exclusively on rock music. Still in his teens, he became a successful publisher and taught himself photography, taking landmark pictures of rock music royalty.

Playboy Magazine recruited him when he was 18 as art director and photographer based on his rock paper photography and design work — which he says is why his book covers tend to be the way they do.

Leaving Playboy after three years, he shifted Renegade Company to magazine publishing. His magazines were successful, making him famous by introducing desktop and self-publishing to the world. By 30, he sold the magazine part of his company to CapCities/ABC, Inc. then began writing self-help and how-to books. Writing empowerment books was his way of thanking God for his success. He viewed self-help and empowerment books as giving people tools for a better life. He was once quoted on the subject:

"I wrote the first book on how to use a personal computer to publish anything you wanted to. At the first MacWorld convention in 1987, a person recognized me from my picture on the book and came up to me as I walked into the event the first day. He said, 'You changed my life, man.’ He explained he always wanted to publish a newsletter and the book taught him how. I had to be honest with him. I said, 'You changed your life. You bought the book. I just wrote it.' He looked at me and I could see the realization that the search for answers is what changes things. Not a book."

After a long period of writing empowerment books, after a major life change he sat down one night, and not planning to, typed out four books, one letter at a time using his iPhone. The outcome was the “T: Demonic Investigator” Series. He pecked away with no thought as to what he was writing. He says the novels “channeled through him” and he was surprised when he read them once finished. Although pure fiction, he understands them to be guidebooks. Something he refers to as “roadsigns” referring to his years in a car growing up. The novels changed him as well.

"I write novels now. Two very different series. My T: Demonic Investigator series is paranormal — and shocking. My latest works — Folk Ballads Realized — are romantic, poetic and wonderfully mythical fairy tales. Those are based on folk ballads from 100 to 1,000 years old. Songs that have endured, and I’m doing novelizations of those timeless stories. My paranormal books are mythical too. The classic battle of dark and light. They are about evil, sexually explicit and not for sensitive readers. They are nasty… but they have to be as I’m talking about the real world.”

According to Ulick, both the paranormal books and the folk ballads novels are fun, entertaining, ripping good yarns, sometimes shocking but worthwhile reads. Deep in them there's a lesson. A way to live. There is light, and there is dark. The books show how much better it is to stand in the light. The books are ultimately about taking a stand. About living with purpose.

Describing his style, Ulick is quite certain.

“I’m a romance writer. I love writing about astonishing female protagonists whose beauty is glorious because it radiates from within them. Their heart, soul and love make them angelic and stunningly attractive. Beauty shines from within. When I take pictures of women, I take pictures of the person — not the body. I do the same when I write. Ultimately, my books celebrate the wonderful women I’ve been fortunate to know and love. They are the stuff of dreams, and they are wonderful influences on how I write about love and relationships.”

With an underlying theme of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, Ulick hopes the books will inspire readers.

“I write books. Can they change anyone’s life? No, they're just books. But anyone reading them can see the roadsigns they contain and think about how the characters in the books read the signs and find a better life."

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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