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Anna’s Refuge – Wrackwater Bridge Book One by Kerryn Reid is a Historical Fiction/Romance Event pick #historicalromance #mustread #giveaway

Title: Anna’s Refuge – Wrackwater Bridge Book One


Author: Kerryn Reid


Genre: Regency Historical Romance


Book Blurb:


From the glitter of Regency London…

Anna Spain arrives for her one and only Season yearning for romance. It’s surely fate when she falls for charming, handsome Gideon Aubrey—but when he spurns her in public, after seducing her with lies, she must find a way to support herself and her baby, or abandon the innocent child to the horrors of the workhouse.

To the grit of industrial Leeds…

For Lewis Aubrey, who has grown up under Gideon’s malignant shadow, there’s never been anyone but Anna Spain. Infuriated by his brother’s treatment of the woman he adores, Lewis steps in to shield her. He thinks he might even court her himself—until one day, without a word, she’s gone.

In a winter of impossible choices…

Can a heartbroken young mother learn to love again? Can her would-be hero endure raising the child of a brother he hates? Can one fragile infant bring these two splintered souls a second chance at love in rural Wrackwater Bridge?




THIS EXCERPT is from the scene where Lewis, our hero, finally tracks down Anna at the lending library in Leeds. Note: She is NOT his sister. And the child she is carrying is NOT his.


The hard edge of the desk bit into the small of Anna’s back. She caught hold of the wood to keep herself upright.


Why was Lewis here? If he had to visit this particular library, why, oh why must he choose this particular time, on this particular day? She shivered and could not stop.


He was at her side—so strange, after all this time. His arm came over her shoulder, crossing to where her waist should have been on the opposite side, pulling her close, supporting her with his strength. Oh, she longed to lean into him, hang on tight, cry and cry until the oceans overflowed and swallowed everything.


“Hush now,” he whispered. “It’s all right, Anna.” The sound entered her ear like liquid, running warm and cold at the same time, down to her heart and beyond.


Anna summoned one of those smiles he’d taught her and he smiled in return, gentle and sad. “Good girl,” he said, in the same tone he’d used to calm the nervous horses outside Green Park. Were those tears in his eyes?


His voice grew sharp, authoritative. Lewis drew away, leaving her cheek cold where his breath had been. A question, something about a private room. She let him lead her where the desk clerk directed.


He seemed changed. Strong and sure, with none of the awkwardness he’d shown in London.


They passed into a workroom furnished with two hard chairs and a big table piled with books. More books lined the shelves along the walls. Lewis settled her in one of the chairs, one hand warm on her shoulder.


The clerk stood in the doorway wringing his hands. “Shall I send someone for a doctor, sir? What should I do? Can I get her something?”


His voice quivered with nerves. He’s probably afraid I’ll commit childbirth here in his library.


“No,” Lewis replied. “It’s only the surprise of seeing me. I’ve been searching for my sister all over England. All she needs is a few minutes to collect herself. Though a drop of brandy wouldn’t come amiss… No? Then you may leave us.”


When the door had closed, Lewis pulled the second chair close to hers. He sat facing her, their knees almost touching. She wished they did—she needed his warmth, his strength, longed to lay all her problems in his hands. As if he could solve them.


At the same time, she shied away from his scrutiny. The gas lamp shone far too bright. He must see all the lines, the fear, the sleeplessness…


“Your maid is getting some water. Is there anything else you need, Miss Spain? I shouldn’t have assumed—”




He blinked in confusion. “I beg your pardon?”


“It’s the name I’m using. Stanley. Mrs. Stanley.”


“Of course.” He nodded.


She looked down at her lap, pulling the cloak tightly closed over the drab gown, over her swollen belly. Where could they possibly go from here? So much to say, all of it impossible.


“Anna, I—”


“Sir John told you.” She heard the brittle accusation in her voice as she cut him off.


“His hand was forced. Jack let something slip. I had to know the rest.”


Lewis leaned forward, peering into her downturned face. “But the information I need, Sir John couldn’t give me.”


“And you’ll not get it from me.” Anna pressed her lips tight and sat as straight as she could, trying to appear dignified. Another impossibility.


She wanted to stand right up and walk out of the room, but he was too close. Her belly would hit him in the head. Maybe knock him insensible, and then she could escape. If she’d seen such an image in a cartoon by Gillray or Cruikshank, she would have laughed. Anna fought down hysteria.


“Why are you here? This is the first time in a week I’ve left the house, and here you are.” I sound like a pouting child.


He gave a glimmer of a smile, just a spark in his eyes and a momentary quirk of the lips. “I’d like to say it’s fate. The truth is, I received a note this morning.”


“A note? From whom?” Now she sounded like a fishwife.


He drew a piece of paper from inside his coat. “Don’t know, but I’m thinking your maid.”


“Putnam?” Anna snatched the note from his hand.


Yes, Putnam, may the devil fly away with her! Putnam had offered herself as Anna’s combined abigail, nurse, and companion, though she must leave her comfortable position as Mama’s dresser.


What did she hope to achieve? Could she possibly think Anna was worth the sacrifice of Lewis’s happiness, his whole life? It was sweet of her, but deluded beyond all belief. Anna was not worth a farthing.


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What makes your featured book a must-read?


As always, my goal is to present characters, settings and circumstances authentic to the Regency period. In Anna’s Refuge, I’ve written a story about a naïve young woman who becomes pregnant out of wedlock in this time when such a thing meant ruin. It’s dramatic, believable, and timeless—girls still make the same mistakes today, after all. But today, the outcomes are seldom so dire.


Giveaway –


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Open Internationally.


Runs March 21 – April 2, 2024.


Winner will be drawn on April 3, 2024.


Author Biography:




First Place for Regency, Chatelaine Awards for Historical Romance (Chanticleer Books)


Gold Medal for Romance, Royal Palm Awards (Florida Writers Assoc.)


Silver Medal for Romance, President's Book Awards (Florida Authors & Publishers Assoc.)


Crowned Heart of Excellence, InD'tale Magazine


Top Pick, The Romance Reviews


Raised in a New England college town, Kerryn inherited her mother’s passion for the British Isles. At seventeen, she roamed the Rock of Cashel after-hours with her first love, a local Irish lad. So illicit, so romantic… and so unsustainable. Instead she married her college sweetheart and wound up in Florida, where they’ve lived long enough to feel like natives.


But a piece of Kerryn's heart still lives "across the pond" where so many adventures took place—as well as the Regency romances she loves. So when the itch to write needs scratching, that's where her imagination goes to create another tender, heartfelt historical romance about love, fear, and persistence. Enjoy the journey to a new happy-ever-after!


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 01

Thank you, Kerryn, for sharing your book in our Historical Fiction/Romance Bookish Event!

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