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5 stars for Awaken His Soul by M Flagg #paranormalromanticsuspense #paranormal #romanticsuspense #vampire #bookreview

Title: Awaken His Soul

Author: M Flagg

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Vampire Romantic Suspense


Book Blurb:


Destiny is a mysterious thing. Michael Malone, a mystically enhanced vampire, is resigned to a solitary existence until he rescues a mother and child from an attacking creature of the night. Morgan Kendrick is not only an unwed mother in 1928, but also a powerful witch. A solitary existence with little Martha is all she needs, until rescued by Michael. Yet even though curious, leaving loneliness to fulfill one’s destiny means taking a leap of faith into the unknown. Morgan hesitates to explore this deep attraction. Michael is bewildered by his immediate draw to Morgan and her little girl. Yet he cannot look away. What lies ahead will awaken his soul and place him on a singular path to redemption.


My Review:


In one swift decision, vampire Michael will not only save two innocents but awaken his soul. Awaken His Soul is a vampire/witch romantic suspense prequel that will whet your appetite for more. The world-building is wondrous. The narration is filled with emotion. The writing will draw you in. But it’s the characters, specifically Michael that will seduce you.


Michael is a paradox. He’s a vampire and embodies all that being a creature of the night entails. But he’s willing to help an innocent. Some of what makes Micheal unique in previous books is explored in this prequel. I found myself intrigued which had me whipping through the pages.


The world-building is wondrous and executed brilliantly. Yes, this is a vampire romantic suspense, but its originality is what makes Awaken His Soul well worth the read.


The writing is well done with good plot progression and tension. The narration is detailed. Every scene is described so the reader feels every emotion.


If you love vampires with your romantic suspense, delight your senses with Awaken His Soul.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


In 2005, I began to write during a time of many changes in my life. Three books were published. Then I stopped writing for 12 years. In 2021, I began to write again, and continue my series, The Champion Chronicles. I revised the first three books and added a fourth. The Vampire's Retribution is a story of redemption and the paradox of love.. Welcome to my world of vampires, witches, sorcerers and mystical warriors. This revamped, revised series will continue with seven more books that feature a mystically enhanced vampire's journey. The fourth novel will be set sixteen years after his unprecedented change and feature his human son, Lukas, now in his thirties. "If you think you've read everything about vampires, think again." - N. N. Light's Book Heaven. To contact me, please visit Many blessings!


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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