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Celebrate #LeapDay with Barclay, Bachelors and Babies Book 4 by @CRaddon #historical #giveaway

Title: Barclay, Bachelors & Babies Series Book 4

Author: Charlene Raddon

Genre: American Historical Romance

Book Blurb:

No bachelor could be prepared for what happens to the Givens brothers one stormy night in 1876. Finding a pregnant woman on their road, they take her in. Before they can learn anything about her, she gives birth to triplets and disappears. Luckily, the doctor supplies a much-needed wet-nurse— Cynara, a recent widow who lost her baby. Her sad eyes and gentle acceptance awaken something in Barclay's staid soul. But she's not ready for a new man in her life. She'll stay at the ranch and tend the babies, but that's all.

Meanwhile, where is the babies' real mother? Who and where is the father? And what will become of these helpless infants?


The visitor wore a large shawl or blanket draped over the head and covering the entire body, arms hidden within the folds of fabric. Her steps seemed wobbly, uncertain. Perhaps illness explained why she didn't ride her horse.

Tarnation, just what Barclay needed—an ill stranger requiring attention. He wished he dared to turn her away. But he could never do that.

When the woman staggered, Barclay moved from his office into the great room and yelled to his brothers somewhere in the house. "Hey, Jared! Chase! Company coming. Maybe a woman and possibly ill or hurt. Help me get her inside."

Chase hustled out of the kitchen with a dab of jam at the corner of his mouth. At only eighteen, he never seemed to get enough food. "You, bringing a woman into the house? That's a first. Who is it?"

"I don't know." Barclay donned his hat, grabbed a raincoat, and reached for the brass knob on the front door. "Wipe that jam off your face and pretend to be grown up. I need you to have Slim send someone for the doc."

For once, Chase didn't argue. He grabbed his gutta percha rain poncho, pulling it on over his head.

"What's going on?" Jared clomped down the stairs from his room. "Did you say a woman's coming?"

"That's right." Barclay opened the door and shouted for the dogs to shut up while he donned his own raingear. Chase trotted across the ranch yard to where Slim stood with another hand by the bunkhouse. After the foreman hopped on his horse at the hitching rail, Chase ran back to the house.

The three brothers stood together on the broad porch that stretched the length of the big log house and around one corner. The dogs took up barking again until Barclay yelled at them.

"If that’s not a pregnant woman," Jared said, pulling his hat lower on his head, "I'm a one-eyed coyote."

"More like a blind wolf," Chase shot back with a grin.

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Barclay gives a glimpse into the lives of settlers and ranchers in 1878 Montana. Find out how three brothers deal with newborn triplets after the mother abandons them. Suffer and rejoice with Cynara when she loses her baby but winds up with three to care for and a new love to share.


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Author Biography:

Charlene Raddon likes to claim that her fiction career began in the third grade when she told her class she’d had a nonexistent baby sister killed by a black widow spider. Her first serious attempt at writing came in 1980 when a vivid dream drove her to drag out a typewriter and begin writing. She’s been writing ever since. She grew up certain she’d been born in the wrong era and truly belonged in the Old West. Her genre is, of course, historical romance set in the American West. At present, she has five books, originally published in paperback by Kensington Books, two anthologies and a novella available on Amazon. Now an indie author, Charlene is busy on her next novel. She also designs book covers and other graphic materials for authors, specializing in western, at

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Membre inconnu
29 févr. 2020

Thank you, Mrs. L.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
29 févr. 2020

Thank you, Charlene, for sharing your book in our Leap Day Mini Event. Happy Leap Day!

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