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Is your book a binge-worthy read? We want to feature it... #bookmarketing #marketing #bookpromo

We're pleased to announce sign-ups are open for our 3rd annual Binge-Worthy Book Festival. August is traditionally known as the last month of summer before school starts. We love this event because it blends summer reading and binge-worthy reading. What exactly is binge-worthy reading? It's where you find an author or book series that you love so much, you have to read everything they've ever written.

We take this same approach with our Binge-Worthy Book Festival. We want to bring eager readers to your books. The Binge-Worthy Book Festival is a month-long series of spotlights (like the Spring Break Bookapalooza and New Year New Books Fete events) in August 2021 where readers can get their fill of any genre, any format (e-copy, print or audiobook) books (new releases or backlist) plus enter to win a $75 Amazon gift card. If you have nonfiction, we'd love to feature those as well. If you have a boxed set or anthology you're taking part in, this is a great promo for you as well.

If you have a book sale or a new release in August, this is a smart way to promote your sale or new release for a low price. We can schedule your spot to go live on your release day or on your sale day. Just please be sure to tell us the dates so we can coordinate.

The price is $13 USD per book and all heat levels are welcome. As an added bonus for our dedicated clientele, you can purchase social media follower add-ons for $8 per platform. Your options are TikTok, website, newsletter, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Bookbub, Amazon, Goodreads, YouTube, Book + Main, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Mix, and Snapchat. This is an inexpensive way to gain followers the organic way.

When signing up for an add-on, please make sure you already have an account. We don't create an account for you. The entrants will need to sign up voluntarily, as per GDPR and CAN-SPAM. We don't collect email addresses and hand them out to you in an Excel spreadsheet.

Each spotlight will be posted on N. N. Light's Book Heaven on a scheduled day throughout August. We don't post them all up at once but staggered throughout the month. It's a proven marketing technique as our readers love coming back each day to see what books are being featured.

Like all of our promotions, the Binge-Worthy Book Festival will have its own event page, will be promoted every day and we will hand out promotional materials (like we do for our monthly giveaway program) which includes graphics and promo copy before the event starts.

Binge-Worthy Book Festival will go live August 2 so sign-up today. There's a limited number of spots so sign up soon. I don't want you to miss out on this inexpensive and successful promo to market your binge-worthy books.

Click the link below to be taken to our general contact page. Put "August Author Event" in the subject line so I know which event you're signing up for. Please be sure to include: author name, book title(s), how many book spots you want to reserve, how many social media follower add-ons you'd like along with which platforms and your Paypal address.

Please share with your author groups and friends. We'd love to have them join us for this Binge-Worthy Book Festival event.


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