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5 stars for Blood Tears: The Reincarnation Series by @AlynaLochlan #pnr #vampireromance #bookreview

Title: Blood Tears, Book 4: The Reincarnation Series

Author: Alyna Lochlan

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance

Book Blurb:

Time doesn't heal the torn wound of losing your soul mate. Would you trade your life to hold them once more? The dark Duke, Nikolai Beaumont did, and as an immortal, he seeks revenge on those who took his love and burned her at the stake for witchcraft. Desperate for one more chance with his Isabella, he becomes a vampire, a true dark duke. He awaits her rebirth but as centuries pass, he carries on and his hope dwindles. No other can take the place he holds for her alone. Isabella Good is a blend of the past and present. She is an old soul many would say and lives a salutary life. Though she tried to find someone to fill this hole in her heart no one come close. Only the man she sees in her dreams makes her soul burn. She prefers the quiet life of nature and potions, yet still longs for the man that will make her life, a blaze of colors. Will they find that the past and present are not that far apart? Can they bridge both to build a life once more? Fire and storm converge. Can he save her this time? Or does the past really repeat itself?

My Review:

A fearful mob murdered his beloved for witchcraft, but he's given a second chance at love. Nikolai watched in horror as his beloved Isabella burned at the stake for witchcraft. After he turned into a vampire, he wreaked revenge on all those responsible but his soul aches for her. For two centuries he waits and one day he finally finds his beloved. He approaches her, willing her to remember him. When she does remember, he kisses her. Now that he's found her, he won't let anything happen to her. But when a wicked storm repeats a fiery trap reminiscent of the past, will he save her in time?

Blood Tears is a magical paranormal romance from start to finish. Alyna Lochlan creates an interesting dynamic by starting the book with a fear-crazed mob kidnapping a woman accused of witchcraft and burning her at the stake. It really set the tone for this emotional story. The panic, guilt, and grief Nikolai feels were poignantly described in Blood Tears. The descriptive narration and the POVs were intense so the reader truly gets to experience every moment in the story. I connected with Nikolai right away. The plot moves at a good pace. Since the story is short, there's a small cast of characters. Don't be dissuaded, this is a complete paranormal romance. This is my first book by this author, and I was engrossed in the story and even thought about it long after I finished reading. I now have to go read more by Alyna Lochlan. If you love steamy paranormal romance, pick up Blood Tears. If vampire romances are your reading jam, you'll be captivated by Blood Tears. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Award-winning author of Scottish paranormal dragons and wizards and dark vampire bad boy romances, Alyna Lochlan has a love for all things mysterious and magical. It is the heartbeat of all humans to wonder what lies beyond the next turn or what dwells in the darkness. She started writing stories at a young age. She held on to her secret passion and has won various writing awards, one being Romantic Times' Reviewers Choice Award, Book of the year. Ms. Lochlan studied commercial art in college, developing several commercials for Channel 6 TV, as well as menus for some top restaurants in Florida. She also is a cover art designer for published books at, but her love of the written word held fast.

Alyna has completed many novels and novellas with many others in the works. Her other published works have appeared in health magazines, newsletters, and other short story publications. She also works as an editor, helping others obtain their dreams.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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Barbara Bettis
12 de abr. de 2022

Congratulations on the stellar review, Alyna. Wishing you all the best with the new book.

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