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Boxing with My Duke by Anna St. Claire is a Spring Break Bookapalooza pick #romance #historicalromance #giveaway

Title: Boxing with My Duke


Author: Anna St. Claire


Genre: Historical Romance


Book Blurb:


How do you stop someone else’s wedding? The Duke of Richmond and Lady Catherine Campbell are about to find out!

Heaven help him from meddling spinsters…

The last thing Carlton Coleman, the Duke of Richmond, needs is Lady Catherine Campbell picking fights with his bouncers and rampaging through the halls of his peaceful gentleman's club looking for her brother Edward. When Carlton finds out the young earl has eloped with Serafina, his naïve young ward, he offers to escort the stubborn spinster to Gretna Green to stop the wedding before it’s too late.

Heaven help her from arrogant dukes…

Catherine is so worried about Edward that she is willing to do anything to bring him home, even accompanying the cavalier duke. Her heart clenches with concern for her impulsive brother, knowing the possible consequences of his rash actions.

Will they be able to stop the wedding in time? Thrown together by misunderstandings, mishaps, and a mysterious puppy named Riggs—Carlton and Catherine set off on a wild ride through the craggy countryside, facing possible danger and unpredictable weather as they navigate through both the treacherous terrain of the countryside and the tumultuous landscape of their own hearts.




Carlton Coleman, the fifth Duke of Richmond, stared down at the ledger in front of him. He needed to prove to himself his changes had been worthwhile. When he inherited his father’s dukedom and, subsequently, his uncle’s gentlemen’s club, he made changes, primarily in how the third floor operated.

In his uncle’s time, the club had partnered with Madame Shanty, who supplied women to entertain the members. While Carlton realized this type of entertainment had been part of gentlemen’s clubs for years, he didn’t support the partnership and disliked the financial arrangement his uncle had made. Even so, ledger numbers had driven his decision. The madame had substantially increased her costs, and her sales had dropped.


His father used to say, “You can't expect loyalty from those people who would do anything for money.” With the numbers backing him, it wasn’t hard to eliminate her presence. However, having the numbers on his ledger to support his decision was even better. A few members disagreed with his decision and were very vocal.


Carlton refurbished the rooms and rented them to members, demanding a level of decorum and requiring any female visitors to be escorted in through the backdoor by the member. The members well-received the change and had driven a marked improvement in profits. His move had not been to remove the access to women of pleasure; it had been to remove Madame Shanty.


Pleased, he leaned back and puffed his cigar. This modification had not been easy, but with a finite amount of space, it was important to maximize profits. The door to his office opened and his best friend, Damon Devereaux, the Duke of Danforth, strode into the room.


“Damon! This is a delightful surprise. I thought you’d be leaving for Scotland this week,” Carlton said, closing the ledger and securing it in the safe behind his desk.


“My duchess changed things for this year. We’re staying here and having the family visit us,” Damon said, helping himself to a brandy before taking a seat in front of his friend’s desk.


“I see you were reviewing your books—tedious work. I just concluded reviewing the books with Mr. Garmin, my man of business. I was hoping we could get some time in the ring and work off some of the torment of meeting with him,” Damon said. “He’s good at his job but has a bothersome habit of chewing his fingernails to bleeding nubs. Rather disgusting. I’ve asked him to stop, but I don’t think he even notices he’s doing it.”


“I’d be happy to introduce you to mine if you’d like. There’s no bloodletting in our meetings,” Carlton said, laughing. 


“I may take you up on that,” Damon said with a smirk.


“How are the children doing with your governess-turned-duchess?” Carlton asked, reaching for the decanter. “And how is married life? Still mooning over your lovely Lydia, I take it?” he teased. Damon’s children had run off six governesses in under two years. When he returned with his family from their Christmas vacation in Scotland, Damon found his housekeeper and butler had hired Lydia as the newest governess. Lydia had a way with the children and turned the children’s destructive behavior around. And despite his best efforts to remain unmarried, Damon fell in love. Carlton was genuinely happy for his friend, even though he did not believe in true love.


“Lydia insists on staying involved with their lessons. She finally hired another governess but still visits the nursery—although, with her increased responsibilities, that’s lessening. She hired a widow who lost her husband fighting Napoleon. Mrs. Allen. Lydia posted an advertisement in her father’s mercantile.”


“Bold move—I like it. Her family probably knows the woman. Wise duchess you have there,” Carlton drawled. “When does she start?”


“Soon, I hope. I had to insist she find one. She agreed to interview the finalists. My housekeeper took charge of filling the position—which was a much better arrangement than my involvement. I believe she said it would be the day after the twelfth night. January six,” said Damon. “It’s the same date I gave Lydia.”


“Your luck changed when you met Miss Hammond.”


“Yes, it was also a reprieve for the frogs and lizards. The children stopped their pranks—and the frogs stayed in the pond,” Damon said wryly.


“Will your mother’s family join you from Scotland?” Carlton asked.


“I believe so. Lydia insists on handling the arrangements. Now that I’m married, I’m hoping Mother’s focus shifts to the children.”


“I get it. My mother does much the same with me,” Carlton agreed. “Frankly, I’m a large man. No offense intended—but I’m not ready for marriage, and if I were, the woman must be taller than most of what I see among the ton.”


“I get that. I’m six feet, and you tower over me” laughed Damon.


“Mother is tall, herself—and should understand my dilemma, but that isn’t the case. She’s always suggesting I escort her to some function when I know she’s planned an ambush of debutantes and their marriage-minded mamas.”


“Thank goodness my mother chose to live in Scotland for much of the year. I couldn’t imagine her living here. She could very possibly have joined the Golden Duchesses, as they’ve all known each other for years. Four well-meaning women who miss nothing. Interfering in one’s life is integral to their group’s mission,” Damon said with a shudder. “I enjoy their company but prefer it in small increments. Lydia was entertaining them this afternoon, so I welcomed them on my way out, hoping you are up to time in the ring.”


Carlton scoffed. “They are a force to reckon with. Last year, the duchesses suddenly needed to honor a commitment from their youth and move in together—one year after The Duchess of Featherly had hired Lydia—and just as you had an opening for a governess.” Carlton drained his glass.


“Yes. But perhaps I’m looking at them all wrong. Their meddling gave me a treasured wife and a loving mother to my children. As a foursome, the Dowager Duchesses are a societal force in the Bath community.”


“Please don’t let my mother ever hear you say that. She already thinks her meddling in my business is justified.” Carlton pushed back from his desk. “What do you say about going a few rounds in the ring?”


A frantic knocking sounded at the door.


“Come in,” Carlton said.


His club footman opened the door. Beads of sweat lined his forehead.


“What is it, Adams?”


“Your Grace, I apologize for the intrusion. But a lady has breached the entrance and is running through the place opening rooms, demanding to see her brother.”


Carlton rolled his eyes and looked at the ceiling. “A lady? Who is her brother?”


“The Earl of Landon. She believes he is being entertained by one of our staff—upstairs.” The footman emphasized the word and looked beseechingly at his boss. “Your Grace, she claims the young lord is possessed by a she-devil who has bewitched him into marriage and is concerned about her mother’s wellbeing, should she find out.”


A she-devil? Where is Roberts, the manager?”


“He stepped away to the bank, Your Grace,” Adams replied.


Carlton turned to Damon. “I’m sorry. We’ll have to continue this later. I have a fire to douse.”


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If money were no object, where would you go for a Spring Break vacation and why?


I’d travel to England with my family—including my grandchildren. I’ve been captivated by the allure of England for as long as I can remember. Its rich history and culture have summoned me through the pages of my books and the flickering screens of television since childhood. I have no first-hand knowledge of any of them, but I want that experience.

For two weeks, I would explore every facet of England's charm. From the bustling streets of London, where the sound of Big Ben echoes through the city, to the relaxing shores of Brighton, alive with the chorus of crashing waves, I would indulge my senses in the classic British experience.

 I would want to visit London, experience Brighton, travel throughout Kent and Cornwall, and visit the shores of Dover to see the white cliffs. I’d want to soak up as much as I can. I’d also like to visit the grand homes in the countryside, and the lovely English Gardens, and picnic along a babbling brook on a sunny day, surrounded by blooming lavender and wildflowers.

I’d also like to travel through the rolling hills in the countryside of Kent and Cornwall, where quaint villages await. I would soak in everything having to do with the old smuggling trade—things that I’ve researched for my books and tales I’ve spun with handsome heroes and strong-willed heroines. And along the shores of Dover, I would stand in awe of the majestic white cliffs.

It's not just the landmarks that draw me to England; it's the essence of England itself—the lovely mixture of British accents, the timeless elegance of grand country homes, and the peaceful splendor of English gardens. I envision myself picnicking beside a babbling brook, surrounded by the fragrance of lavender and the vibrant hues of wildflowers, just as I've described in my stories.

This journey isn't just about sightseeing; it's about embracing the scenes I've woven into my imagination and bringing them to life. England isn't just a destination. For me, it’s a journey of discovery—an adventure I cannot wait to take.


Why is your featured book a must-read this spring?


 Spring breaks are notoriously too short, and if you're like me, you want to cram everything, including indulging in some laughter-filled reading, into that one-week hiatus. "Boxing With My Duke" is a standalone gem, though it's even more enjoyable if you've previously delved into "The Trouble With Her Duke." It's an entertaining blend of drama, romance, humor, and action, set mostly against the backdrop of a carriage journey from London to Scotland.


The adventure begins when Lady Catherine Campbell boldly breaks into the Gentlemen’s Club owned by Carlton Coleman, The Duke of Richmond. She's on a mission to rescue her brother Edward, a newly-minted Earl, from what she perceives as a disastrous marriage to Richmond's ward, who happens to work at the club. However, Catherine arrives too late; the young couple has allegedly eloped to Gretna Green to tie the knot.


Amidst lively exchanges and spirited debates, Carlton reassures Catherine that the young woman isn't a mere employee but his ward, Serafina, who's been diligently managing the club's books. Eventually, Catherine and Richmond agree to embark on a journey together to locate the runaway duo. And it's during their adventure to Gretna Green that the real tale unfolds, full of surprises, laughter, and unexpected twists.


Giveaway –


One lucky reader will win a $25 Amazon gift card.



Open internationally.


Runs April 1 – 30, 2024


Drawing will be held on May 1, 2024.


Author Biography:


Who knew I’d become an author? Not me. But when the opportunity knocked, I answered the door and welcomed it in. I approach life with as much positivity as I can—celebrating the hits and laughing at the misses. Nothing worthwhile is easy, and that includes everything in my life. But I have much to smile about—my lovely mother, a beautiful daughter, two precious granddaughters, my adorable dogs, and my sweet husband of over thirty years. He has always supported me—including uprooting to move to the other side of Charlotte, N.C. for a life change, just when we thought we were settled.


If settled means not going after my dreams, then I never want to be settled. I give my all to things I enjoy—and that includes writing. In 2021, I hit the USA Today Bestselling Author list, and recently, two of my books were named RONE Finalists


I love to express myself to the point that my daughter avoids going to the movies with me because I’m that woman in the row in front of you who gleefully munches her popcorn and laughs at every hilarious scene. Loudly. Besides my family, I love chocolate, popcorn, laughter, and animals. I love animals so much that I frequently sprinkle them in my stories as secondary characters. They usually steal the show! British and American history have always interested me, so writing historical romances set in the U.K. and the US is where my passion is.


When I was barely three years old, my parents divorced, and my mom moved my sister and me from New York to South Carolina to live near her parents. Juggling a full-time job and full-time school, my mother became my first genuine hero—she never waved the white flag when things were tough. And things quickly got tough. My grandmother, who helped care for my sister and me while my mother worked, became ill with cancer, and didn’t survive the surgery, dying before I was seven. Losing Grandma devastated me. She read to me and taught me to read before I started first grade. I credit her for inspiring my love of reading, and I credit my mother for encouraging me to turn my ideas into stories.

When I was ten, my neighbor gave me her book club copy of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind and it remains one of my favorite books. But it was Kathleen Woodiwiss’ Shanna and Ashes in the Wind, that hooked me on historical romance and sparked my dream of becoming a published author.


While I primarily write Regency Romance, I enjoy almost any period in American and British history.


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Apr 29

I’d love to take my family to Italy or f Greece


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 23

Thank you, Anna, for sharing your new release in our Spring Break Bookapalooza!

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