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Forward in Time with Jelly Beans by Michelle Godard-Richer is a Spring Break Bookapalooza pick #romance #timetravelromance #booksale #giveaway

Title: Forward in Time with Jelly Beans


Author: Michelle Godard-Richer


Genre: Historical/Time Travel Romance


Book Blurb:


In 1932, Henrietta Hinchcliffe graduates from medical school and jumps on the opportunity to reopen a clinic with Dr. Iain Carter. After realizing her dream, Henrietta should feel fulfilled, but she longs for more—the kind of soul deep love her brother and parents found.

Fate intervenes when a magic box of jelly beans whisks her away to the future. Soon after arriving, she discovers her unborn nephew will die in 1932 if she can’t find a way to save him. To complicate matters, the answers she seeks may lie with a handsome doctor named Joshua Bingham.




Henrietta climbed out of the car, and her Mary Jane shifted, rubbing on a blister. She winced as she took tender steps up the stone path to the front door, then removed her shoes.


Ethel, their maid, approached from the direction of the kitchen. “Miss Henrietta, let me take your coat.”


“Thank you.” Henrietta glanced down at Ethel’s flat lace-up black shoes. “Those shoes seem a lot more sensible than mine. I lost my favorite pair at the hospital during my internship.”


Ethel’s gaze dropped to Henrietta’s feet. “Oh, you poor thing. I’ll fetch you a bucket of warm water and oats to soak your feet in.”


“Thank you, Ethel. Would you mind bringing it up to my room? I need to wash up and change before dinner.”


“Yes, Miss.”


Henrietta climbed the stairs to her room, stripped off her dress and stockings, then dropped them in the laundry hamper in her adjoining bathroom. She didn’t want to carry the germs from her patients to the rest of the household.


Her tired muscles longed for a soak in her clawfoot tub, but she didn’t have enough time before dinner. Her empty stomach panged at the idea of food. So, she turned on the tap as hot as she could stand it and scrubbed her hands, arms, and face with soap and water.


She padded across the carpet to her closet and slipped on a light pink blouse and her favorite, roomy, black skirt. The extra give in the waist would be welcome after the large dinner she planned on consuming, and the length would conceal her black, fur-trimmed slippers.


Ethel came in with a steaming bucket. “Shall I sit this by your chair in the corner?”


“Yes, please. Do we have any guests coming for dinner tonight?”


“No, Miss. Just you and your parents. You needn’t worry about your appearance.”


As Henrietta crossed the room, she noticed the edge of a box sticking out from beneath her chair. “I wonder what this could be?” She knelt on the carpet and peered under the chair.


Ethel asked, “What is it, Miss?”


“It looks like a dirty box of Henry’s jelly beans.”


Henrietta’s fingers brushed the edge of the box and a strong gust of wind emanated upwards from the carpet to the ceiling, whirling around her.


Oh, no! I must have touched the magic box of jelly beans that transported Bella and Stella from the future!


“What’s happening?” Ethel’s voice sounded like it was echoing down a tunnel. “Mr. and Mrs. Hinchcliffe, help!”


Henrietta tried to turn towards where Ethel had been standing with the bucket in her hands a minute ago. But the force of the wind pinned her in place. Her eyes stung. She shut them and buried her face in the crook of her arm.


 No. Let me stay. I don’t want to leave my time.


The wind dissipated, almost as if it vanished into the¾carpet? No, the surface beneath her knees wasn’t padded anymore.


Her heart beat faster and she opened her eyes.


The same chair from her bedroom stood in the corner, but she was kneeling on a wooden floor. She ran her hands along the floral-patterned cushion of her chair, stirring a cloud of dust, and she sneezed.


She spun finding her same four-poster bed, but the bedding was different. The floral-printed quilt that matched her chair was missing, and in its place was a solid-purple comforter and an assortment of grey, furry cushions. Her paintings still hung around the walls in her room, but the colors had faded. Faded with age.


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On sale for only $1.99!





If money were no object, where would you go for a Spring Break vacation and why?


 I would love to go to the U.K. and explore the countryside and the old landmarks.


Why is your featured book a must-read this spring?


The story takes place during the spring season with plenty of sensory details to draw you into the sweet budding romance.


Giveaway –


One lucky reader will win a $25 Amazon gift card.



Open internationally.


Runs April 1 – 30, 2024


Drawing will be held on May 1, 2024.


Author Biography:


Michelle Godard-Richer is a multi-award-winning thriller and horror author with an Honours Degree in Criminology from the University of Ottawa. She was named Best Canada Author of the Year by N.N. Light’s Book Heaven and earned a Crowned Heart from Ind’Tale Magazine.


Her fascination with crime and human behavior, combined with a lifelong passion for the written word, led her to realize a childhood dream of becoming an author. She enjoys crafting strong protagonists and diabolical villains with realistic and believable characteristics while making their lives as complicated and dangerous as possible.


When she isn’t writing, you’ll find her in the garden or with her nose in a book. She lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta with her husband, two children, four dogs, and a cat.


Social Media Links:


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Michelle Godard-Richer
Michelle Godard-Richer
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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
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Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your book sale in our Spring Break Bookapalooza!

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