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5+ stars for Bretska’s Academy by Natasha Quay #teenlit #yalit #youngadult #bookreview #99cents

Title: Bretska’s Academy

Author: Natasha Quay

Genre: Young Adult, Teen Lit


Book Blurb:


What would you do if it was your responsibility to save humanity?


Breksta Vilkas has lived an idyllic, peaceful childhood in a remote town surrounded by nature, elderly neighbors, and a caring mother. But when an impromptu mother-daughter picnic is disrupted by news of the arrival of soldiers, her mother’s calm demeanor turns to fear as she hastens their departure from the only home Breksta has ever known.


Suddenly ripped from her mother, Breksta is forced to enter the Academy and become a cadet. Governed by its cruel director, Breksta clings to a solitary beacon of hope: her roommate, Hestia. United by a yearning to be free, the two form an unbreakable bond and promise to build a future away from the Academy’s unyielding grip of death and persecution.


However, a deadly disaster triggers the realization that their future dreams hinge upon the past—and the secret history Breksta’s mother concealed. Neither girl understands that her identity is linked not only to their future but to the future of the entire world.


Join Breksta and Hestia as they embark on the most dangerous mission of their lives.


My Review:


As one of the youngest on staff I got to read this book. Let me say if I had been writing like this when I was 16, I probably would be even more popular on TT. I have read some classics to get a feel. This book feels like a classic. One of the best written stories I have ever read.


You don't get past the first page without a wow. The writing style is rich, vibrant, intelligent and mature. The story is gripping and has a feel almost like something Atwood would write.


The academy is going to be so popular with every YA reader out there. There is so much going on just in the academy that makes this book gripping.


The overall story is incredible, and I was so blown away by the end, I read it twice. Truly an amazing work.  That it has been written by a teen is incredible. Buy this book and read it and find out how superb it is.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Natasha Quay is a 16-year-old high school student and writer. Along with her parents, she divides her time between Taipei and Seattle. Natasha has played violin since she was four years old and now performs with her school orchestra. She is also an avid reader, and some of her favorite books include Little Women, The Plague, and If We Were Villains. Natasha began writing in middle school and plans to continue studying the craft and literature in the future. She hopes her book will inspire others to become more interested in the arts, literature, and the world of writing.


Reviewed by: Rudy


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