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Brianna - Always a Bridesmaid by Kathryn Hills is a Celebrate Weddings Event pick #romance #ku


Author: Kathryn Hills

Genre: Sweet Contemporary / RomCom / Opposites Attract / Beach Read

** Please Note: This book is part of a larger series but it’s a stand-alone read. **

Book Blurb:

Opposites attract when a fun-loving extrovert clashes with Mr. Meticulous. Prepare for sparks, and don’t forget to pack for adventure!

Brianna Hart is the life of every party, sharing stories about exciting people and exotic destinations. She’s been a bridesmaid more times than she can remember. Yet the independent travel influencer has no desire to wed. She’s too busy building a brand and having a good time. All that comes to an abrupt halt when she’s audited by the IRS. Unable to cancel an upcoming trip, her business mogul father steps in, suggesting one of his tax attorneys accompany her to sort the mess out. A tedious accountant/lawyer…jet setting with the woman who eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner in different countries? Feels more like punishment than a plan to Bri.

John Smith is unfazed by being called the most boring man on the planet. The epitome of conventional, he keeps a low profile and a tight schedule. He’s a much sought-after expert, after all. Clients pay big bucks for him to be prepared and precise. So why is he being saddled with a flamboyant trouble-magnet that doesn’t want his help? Surely someone else can babysit the boss’s daughter and get her out of a jam. Before he knows it, they’re off on a lightning-paced adventure. Should he really need dive gear and a machete to settle financials? And why is Brianna so extraordinarily kind and compassionate, not to mention desirable once he gets to know her?


“Brianna… Don’t try my patience. I have enough on my plate, dealing with your stepmother. Her latest mission includes a youth tennis program. That’s all I hear about these days.”

“Well, then, maybe you shouldn’t be meddling in my life. I’ll handle the taxes, and you dust off your sneakers and help Kim with those kids. It’ll be good for you. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress. You’re a tad over-the-top. Just saying.”

Obviously, her father didn’t appreciate her sass. He didn’t respond. Instead, he pulled a cellphone from his suit coat and texted someone before tossing it carelessly onto the desk. “I’ve arranged for someone to help with our predicament.”

“Our predicament? No, the IRS is my problem. I’ve decided—”

“Too late, I’ve decided, too. If you won’t take the Internal Revenue Service seriously, I will. Someone must do something to protect your name and mine. Mostly mine. What would my clients say if my only daughter was hauled off to prison for tax evasion?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Bri gave a contemptuous laugh. “I am not going to prison. It’s a misunderstanding. I’ll provide the documentation they requested and get everything sorted out.”

“Yes, you will,” he stated in a gruff tone.

A sharp knock sounded on the door then. “Enter,” her father barked before she could get another word in.

Bri watched in stunned disbelief as what she not-so-affectionately referred to as one of her father’s “stuffed shirts” entered the study to stand before them like a soldier at attention.

“This is Mr. Smith,” her father announced in a stiff tone. “John Smith… This is my one and only daughter, Brianna Hart.”

Smith glanced her way without so much as a hint of a smile and said, “Good afternoon, Ms. Hart.”

Her gaze wandered over the man, taking in his expensive suit and high-polished, neatly tied dress shoes. The laces were precisely knotted to the same length. Golden cufflinks fastened his pristine shirtsleeves. Light brown hair with not a strand out of place. Mr. Smith? More like Mr. Meticulous.

“Is this some sort of a joke?” She glanced around, expecting her brothers to jump out, laughing. She snorted, unable to suppress her own amusement. “John Smith? Is that your real name or one you were given in witness protection?”

One thing was certain, her father’s financial soldier was a textbook money man. Intense looking. Overeducated, no doubt. When his calm stare finally landed on her face, she countered his blue-eyed gaze with a look of utter indifference.

“Smith here will be accompanying you on your trip since you refuse to put it off to attend to important issues,” her father stated bluntly.

“He most certainly will not,” Brianna shot back.

“I’m afraid it’s all been arranged. I had my secretary work it all out with your personal assistant since I knew you’d procrastinate. Smith is already booked on your flight to Florida. I’ve arranged a car to pick you both up and drive you to the airport once the reception is over.”

“But…I have plans… My own ride, and…” Bri sputtered.

“Not anymore.”

Seething, she turned her back on her father and headed for the door. “Classic move, Dad. You never could resist meddling in your children’s lives.”

Before she left, she spared one last look of contempt for the silent stranger. He was a pawn. Albeit a decent looking one. In a stone-cold, stick up his butt way.

Sap. Stuck in the middle of a family feud. Hang on, Mr. Smith. This is going to be a bumpy ride. He’d be begging to get home once she was done with him.

Bri released a sigh of resignation. “You’re footing the bill for him. This is all on you,” she told her father. “However, I’d be foolish to turn down free help with the taxes. A word of warning though…” Her angry stare connected with Mr. Smith’s unflappable look. “The minute your guy gets in my way or slows me down…he’s history.”

Jonathan Hart appeared flustered by her angry acquiescence. As if he expected more of a fight. Yet he quickly schooled his features. “Well, then… Now that everything’s settled… Let’s enjoy the rest of the party. Have a dance or something, you two. Get acquainted since you’ll be traveling partners.”

Brianna laughed off the ludicrous suggestion as she made her way to the exit, never once looking back.

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Brianna – Always a Bridesmaid is a fun, fast-paced romantic comedy that begins at a wedding and ends at one, too. In between, you’ll learn just how two opposites can fall in love if the conditions are right. Or, wrong??? You decide! *wink*

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Author Biography:

KATHRYN HILLS...Best-selling romance author, ghost hunter, dog lover, and iced coffee addict. She’s hauntingly romantic unless she’s writing sweet. From graveyards to country inns, get ready to explore spooky mysteries and have some sexy fun!


Jun 12, 2023

My little Sister cut her hair days before my wedding and now it’s in all my wedding photos Lol


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jun 07, 2023

Thank you, Kathryn, for sharing your book in our Celebrate Weddings Bookish Event!

Jun 07, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for hosting me! I love this book and hope your readers will too!

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