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Broome Enigma by Meryl Brown Tobin is a BHW pick #romanticsuspense #wrpbks #bookboost

Title Broome Enigma


Author Meryl Brown Tobin


Genre Romantic suspense


Publisher The Wild Rose Press



Book Blurb   


On a working holiday in Australia's cosmopolitan Outback town of Broome in 1986, Jodie, a young book designer and artist is open to romance and adventure.

At the holiday village where she is staying, she meets Joe, a young man who works there. Despite the strong attraction between them, the many unknowns about his earlier life keep them apart. To try to uncover his mysterious past, they travel to Perth and back to Broome and are drawn into not only bizarre but also dangerous situations.

Is Joe the person she thinks he is, or is he some alter ego? Can Jodie and Joe stop their relationship from developing until they have answers and know if he is free to love her?




A big gust of wind rocked the van and flung Jodie

hard against Joe. He pushed her off.


“Joe, it’s me, Jodie! Wake up, wake up!”


“Jodie, is that you?” He threw his arms around her

and buried his head in her chest.


She brushed his hair back from his sweating face.


“Take it easy, Joe. Take deep breaths. It’s okay. It’s

going to be okay.”


He stopped shaking and pulled back from her.


“What’s happening?”


“It’s the cyclone. Don’t you remember?”


Another huge gust shook the van and sent Jodie

sprawling on Joe’s bunk and into the wall. “Ow, that

hurt!” She picked herself up and rubbed her head.


The van rocked violently again. Joe and Jodie

grabbed for handholds.


“Quick, come into my bed with me, Joe. It will be

safer there.” Tripping and feeling their way along the

wall, the two made their way to the double bed and

clambered in.


Her breathing coming in short spasms, she lay on

her back and took deep breaths. The storm whined and

screeched about her, and the roof creaked and scraped.


“Oh, my god, the roof’s going to take off any minute!”


Joe’s arms enveloped her. “Hush, everything will

be all right. But will you be okay if we have to make a

run for it?”


“Yes.” She let out a sob. “But I like our chances

better in here than out there.”


Joe kissed her forehead. He pulled her closer and

they lay locked against each other while the storm

raged around them.


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Author Biography


Meryl Brown Tobin is an Australian writer of short and long fiction for adults and children, non-fiction, especially travel, poetry and educational puzzles. She has had 21 books published. These include puzzle/activity books, black-line masters books of educational puzzles, workbooks for primary students, a travel book, a children’s picture storybook, a poetry collection and a haiku collection with four other poets of The Society of Women Writers Victoria. She has also edited one book and co-edited two others. In total, nearly 300,000 copies of her first four puzzle books, which were published by Ashton Scholastic, were sold in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


Hundreds of her poems, puzzles, short stories and travel and other articles, and some cartoons and comic strips have appeared in more than 150 magazines, newspapers and anthologies in Australia and overseas, including India, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the USA. Some of her stories and poems have been broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Commission and other radio stations while others have been published on the Internet. As a guest on the set of Ch7’s children’s program The Book Place, she read her story LEFTY with regular presenter, Lynn Weston.


Meryl Brown Tobin’s awards include being placed or shortlisted in literary competitions run by the Australian Society of Authors Inc, Fellowship of Australian Writers (Vic), Free XpresSion, Poetry Matters, Positive Words, Redoubt, The Society of Women Writers Victoria Inc, Waterline Writing Competition, Woman’s Day and Writer’s Friend and other competitions.


A former teacher, she taught Humanities subjects in secondary schools. Apart from her family and home, her interests include travel, bushwalking, conservation, researching Australian rare fauna, current affairs and humanitarian and social justice issues. Her numerous letters and articles on such issues have appeared in many local and national newspapers and magazines, as have the many reports of meetings, activities and speakers she reported on for several groups. For further details of Meryl Brown Tobin’s work, please see


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Dec 16, 2023

More readers’ review comments are now posted on - NOVELS. Thank you.🙂


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Dec 04, 2023

Thank you for featuring ‘Broome Enigma’ on your attractively-presented website. Now that my book has been launched, people have been telling me what they think of it. One wrote: “I really enjoyed it. I found it easy to read, I am not fond of novels you need to over think to understand them. I was time poor when I got Broome Enigma and felt frustrated every time I would see it on my bedside table. I managed to get one chapter read and couldn't wait for the next opportunity so I could continue. I had one morning that I had put aside to do housework but picked up Broome Enigma whilst having my early morning cuppa, needless to say …


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Nov 22, 2023

Thank you, Meryl, for sharing your book with us!

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