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Author Spotlight | Meet Bryan Fagan and his romantic comedy #romcom #romanticcomedy #fridayreads #author

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to author Bryan Fagan.


I am an author, a husband, a dad and a servant to three human-like cats. It would take another 100 words to tell their story.


I live in Eugene, Oregon. I was born and raised in a small farming town in Northern Washington. Growing up I was positive our valley was the only place on earth. Looking back, it was the perfect place to be.


My stories were born in that little valley. It was rich with people and dreams and baseball mitts and old man Waterson. I swear he was always mad at me.


Maybe it had to do with stealing his apples.



Note: My website includes all of my social media activities and where to buy my books.


Title Dempsey’s Grill


Author Bryan Fagan


Genre Romantic Comedy, Romance


Publisher The Wild Rose Press 


Book Blurb


Gibson thought he had it all: A beautiful girlfriend, a respectable job as a teacher, and the world’s most comfy couch – that is until he gets fired and his girlfriend kicks him out. Forced to move in with his parents, he slowly begins to pick up the pieces of a life he realized he never wanted.

Back in his hometown Gibson reconnects with his high school best friend, Dempsey and his former lover, Gail. The trio gather their meager savings and risks it all on opening a restaurant.But things spiral out of control as they confront drug dealers, Dempsey’s growing attraction to Gibson’s sister, and Gail’s engagement to a long-haul trucker. Can the trio of never-beens put aside their past failures, face the challenges of the restaurant industry, and find a place where love and friendship can bloom?




Everyone's life has a defining moment. For the longest time I thought mine was the crash of 2008. I was wrong, it was only the beginning.


I always wanted to be a teacher that is until I taught. How messed up is that? It was the final day at Rainier high-school in Seattle, Washington when I was informed my contract would not be renewed. The crash hit hard and that included the Seattle school district budget. While my fellow teachers stared off into space as their careers took a nosedive, I was secretly doing cartwheels and popping champagne. After all, I had picked the wrong career. But I wasn't worried, I had a roof over my head and a lady in my life.


Her name was Lourdes. For the longest time I thought our relationship was perfect, ideal. Seven months and four days to be exact. Lourdes liked things just so, and I tried to be the perfect, considerate boyfriend. I learned to tiptoe before she woke, served her favorite tea, and watched TV on mute, thank you subtitles, until she finished reading.


We lived in her father's rental. Lourdes kept a busy social calendar with her friends always dropping by. She was always on some dieting fad or another. I couldn't ever remember if this week we were eating Paleo or vegan, low carb or gluten free, so Lourdes controlled our menu. It was the ideal life. Until it wasn't.


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jan 12

Thank you, Bryan, for the author spotlight!

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