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Canadian Spring by @KimberlyAnnAuth is a Celebrate Weddings pick #romance #weddings #giveaway

Title: Canadian Spring

Author: Kimberly Ann

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Skylar Martin is more than happy to flee the city, leaving her past and failed engagement behind her. Off on a new adventure in Logan Creek to plan a wedding for an old friend, she hopes to do just that. What she didn’t expect was encountering a grumpy bear of a mountain man on her stop for coffee. He riled her up, turned her on, and drove her crazier than any man ever had before, just on that one stop.

Dyllan Thompson had his life planned out. Be the Mayor of his hometown Logan Creek for as long as he could, and then figure out a way to live a quiet life that is free of responsibilities to other people. After seeing how having a family could cause so much heartbreak, he swore he’d never put himself or anyone else through that.

Unfortunately, Skylar and Dyllan had to grin and bear their discontent towards each other on a trip to Vegas for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Not only did they wake up in the same bed together, but also with rings on very important fingers. Refusing to divorce, will their rings be enough to hold them together, or is not everyone meant to have a happily ever after?


Determined to make the most of the beautiful sunny day, Skylar took her time strolling down the street, looking in the windows of all the shops as she passed until she settled on sitting in the town square. The wooden gazebo in the middle, combined with the historic town and mountain backdrop, filled her heart with a happiness that she didn’t realize she was missing. As much as she loved the city, it never truly felt like home. It was loud, overcrowded, and overpriced. The scenery was stunning, and the access to literally anything she could think of was great, but Logan Creek felt like home.

Taking a seat on a nearby bench, she placed her bag beside her and took a sip of her coffee; peeking in the bag Lila gave her, she smiled at a cinnamon roll larger than her hand.

“More sweets?” a gruff voice growled behind her. She didn’t need to turn to know who it belonged to. Her blood pressure rose at the same time the butterflies in her stomach fluttered. The conflicting reactions he elicited drove her crazy and made her even more furious.

“I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with my eating habits. You’re not my doctor, nor my dentist.” She raised her head, voice a pitch higher as she stared straight out in front of her.

“I just find it odd. You’d think with the amount of sugar you ate, you’d actually be sweet.”

Standing up, Skylar turned, placing her fisted hands on her hips. “Like you’d know anything about being sweet.”

So much for killing him with kindness.

Taking a deep breath, Skylar channeled every yoga class she had ever taken to steady the building fire burning within her.

“I’m sorry. I think we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot. I’m not usually this abrupt. I’m Skylar, Kade and Lila’s friend. I’m here to help Kade and Brody with their wedding.” She stuck her hand out in front of her.

She ignored the arched eyebrow on his perfectly handsome face as his gaze darted between her hand and face.

“You can’t be serious,” he scoffed.

“Oh, I am,” Skylar said with a smile, refusing to drop her hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Dyllan.”

She resisted squirming under his intense gaze, his deep brown eyes burning a hole into hers. After what Skylar swore was eternity, he placed his large, calloused hand into hers, giving her a firm shake.

She ignored the searing heat that shot through her body the moment they touched.

She ignored the way her thighs immediately pressed together for relief from the burning desire. She ignored her heart rate as it kicked into overdrive.

The warm spring day felt more like summer heat the longer they were in close proximity to each other.

Snatching her hand back, she crossed her arms over her stomach, trying to regain control. “See, that wasn’t so bad,” Skylar said, looking down at her light green dress, brushing out the invisible wrinkles in the fabric.

Dyllan grunted in response, snapping Skylar’s attention to him.

“Would it be too much to speak your responses instead of grunting like a caveman?”

Dyllan grunted again, crossing his arms over his expansive chest.

This time, Skylar couldn’t ignore the way his black t-shirt stretched over his chest and how his biceps threatened to burst through the sleeves. Colourful tattoos wound up his arms from his wrists and disappeared under his shirt, letting her imagination run wild as to just how far they went.

“Eyes up here, sweetheart.” The arrogance in his voice as he caught her staring irked her.

Putting on the best smile, she swallowed down her irritation. His bearded, backwards-baseball-wearing face irritated her more than anything she’d encountered while also being the single-most handsome face she’d ever seen. “I was just admiring your tattoos. They are art, after all.”

Dyllan grunted.

“Look, I don’t know if you’re channelling your inner Witcher with those grunts, but I would expect the mayor of a town to be a little more eloquent.” She tilted her head as she studied him.

That earned her a chuckle out of him.

Interesting. He does have a sense of humour.

“I can speak just fine, and I’m not here in an official capacity.”

“You’re not like any mayor I’ve ever met.” Crossing her arms over her chest, she didn’t miss how his gaze briefly travelled down to her breasts before snapping back up.

Eyes up here, Grumpy Bear, she laughed to herself.

Dyllan took a step toward her, gripping the back of the bench as he leaned over it. There was less than a foot between them, only the bench preventing her from feeling the wall of muscles that was his chest, seeing if they felt as magnificent as they looked. Stopping her from rubbing her nose into the crook of his neck to see if the intoxicating scent of mint and cinnamon came from him.

“And just how many mayors have you met, doll?” His voice was low, barely a whisper above the breeze.

“I—uh—not a lot.” Her eyes widened as his gaze intensified on her. Her body felt on fire under his scrutiny, and she wasn’t sure if she loved it or hated it.

The corner of Dyllan’s mouth lifted. “So, you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

She held his gaze as he stayed close to her, merely a breath away. Her eyes rebelled and glanced down to his lips, causing her to run her tongue across her own, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth.

The hitch in Dyllan’s breath told her he noticed and was just as affected by her as she was by him.

She was sure her lip would be bruised by the assault between her teeth, but she couldn’t help it. Something was happening between them. It toed the line between lust and hate, and she wasn’t sure which way it would go.

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

Based in the fictional town of Logan Creek, this steamy, grumpy/sunshine, surprise wedding will make you laugh while pulling your heart strings with real-life emotional issues. Dyllan and Skylar do nothing but argue and butt heads from the moment they meet, but through an accidental marriage, they find that opposites do attract.

Giveaway –

Enter to win a $20 Amazon US or Amazon Canada gift card

Open Internationally. You must have an active Amazon US or CA account to win.

Runs June 15 – June 23, 2022.

Winner will be drawn on June 24, 2022.

Author Biography:

Kimberly Ann lives in BC, Canada with her husband, two children and ridiculously cute German Shepherd. When she’s not dreaming of stories, she homeschools her two children as they explore and learn the world together, reads anything she can get her hands on, and drinks a lot of coffee.

Growing up with her head lost in a book, it was no surprise when she picked up a pen, or her laptop, to write her own. Kimberly Ann’s stories are based on the world around her as she brings her imagination to life with stories of small towns, swoon-worthy men, and the women that keep them on their toes.

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7 commentaires

Dana Matthews
Dana Matthews
23 juin 2022

I love weddings! My favorite part of a wedding ceremony is getting to see the bride in her beautiful dress!


Membre inconnu
17 juin 2022

I love weddings specially the flowers 💐

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
18 juin 2022
En réponse à

Me too!


Membre inconnu
17 juin 2022

Congratulations on your Release!!! Amazing series. I’m loving Dyllan and Skylar 💕


Jan Sikes
Jan Sikes
17 juin 2022

Congrats to Kimberly. This book cover is adorable!

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
18 juin 2022
En réponse à

Isn't it such a fun cover? I'm reading it right now and it's such a great romance. It's grumpy/sunshine romance which is quickly becoming my fave trope.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
17 juin 2022

Thank you, Kimberly, for sharing your new release in our Celebrate Weddings Bookish Event! It sounds so good and the price is a steal.

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