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5 stars for Censored Angel by Joan Koster #historicalfiction #womenlit #censorship #bookreview

Title: Censored Angel

Author: Joan Koster

Genre: Biographical Historical Fiction

Book Blurb:

A nineteenth century mystic marriage counselor and her guardian angel battle the Inquisitor of Smut in this biographical historical novel based on a true story.

She will not be silenced! Brilliant, corseted, and haunted by spirits from the Borderlands, a young girl turns her back on the constrictions of Victorian society and strikes out on her own, becoming a mystic marriage counselor. Sharing what she views as essential sexual knowledge puts her in the crosshairs of Anthony Comstock, the nation’s Anti-Obscenity Postal Inspector. He promises to silence her forever. She vows to bring him down. With prison looming, Ida and her guardian angels must prepare for a battle they may not be able to win.

WARNING: This book contains blunt descriptions of sexual relations judged obscene in 1902, and of suicide.

NOTE: All proceeds from this book will be donated to the Freedom to Read Foundation

My Review:

One woman takes on Victorian censorship but will she be silenced forever? I love reading biographical fiction. It brings history and historical figures to life. In Censored Angel, we’re in the middle of a morality war and one young woman’s battle to bring medical knowledge to women everywhere. Joan Koster pens a novel relevant to today’s women through the eyes of censorship. One of the most important books for women to read.

The themes revolve around Victorian society and its restraints where women are concerned. Women’s health, what they can and can’t do, what they can and can’t say, marriage, and more are talked about in great detail. Keeping women in the dark about anatomy and education may be the norm, but Ira strives to put a stop to it. Very powerful stuff.

The narration is descriptive and emotional. Joan Koster takes great care in telling Ida’s story with compassion while still maintaining historical accuracy. At times, the story is quite compelling, but other times a bit dry.

The characters are well-written and offer a multitude of viewpoints. Ida’s mother is a contradiction I found fascinating. Ida herself is a woman torn between obeying her mother, fighting for women’s rights, and imprisonment.

Another book that needs to be read by the masses. Yes, it is a sad take but shines a light on censorship.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

When she is not writing in her studio by the sea, Joan Koster lives an 1860s farmhouse stacked to the ceiling with books. In a life full of adventures, she has scaled mountains, chased sheep, and been abandoned on an island for longer than she wants to remember.

An award-winning author who loves mentoring writers. Joan is fascinated by history, mystery, and romance. She blends those passions into historical novels about forgotten women, romantic thrillers, and writing craft books. Find Joan’s blog on forgotten women and her workshop offerings at

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Reviewed by: Nancy


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