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Christmas Baby by @GinnyFrost14 is a Celebrate Mothers Event pick #holidayromance #romance #giveaway

Title: Christmas Baby

Author: Ginny Frost

Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance

Book Blurb:

He'd heard the rumors she was back in town. He had to see for himself. As Ted Kramer steeled himself to knock on the hotel room door, the last thing he was prepared to see was the woman who shattered him holding a baby. Cheryl Winston-Bristol had been the love of his life. And when she abruptly left town last year after their secret summer romance, it destroyed him. He couldn't eat. Couldn't sleep. Couldn't work. Yet here she is, baby and all. His baby. Merry Christmas to him. When Cheryl realized she was pregnant, she knew her controlling and manipulative grandfather would never accept a Kramer child into his family. The feud between the Kramers and Winston-Bristols had dragged on for forty years and as long as that cantankerous man was alive, it would continue raging. Except now he's dead, and Cheryl has taken the opportunity to return to Stonewater for the services. She knows she needs to tell her mother-- and Ted-- about the baby, but she never wanted him to find out about his daughter like this, though. Maybe, just maybe, baby Harper will be the Christmas gift these families need to move on and find love again.


“When was the last time you ate and slept well?” Gran asked, a touch of reproof in her tone.

Cheryl shrugged, her hand still in Gran’s. “I eat when I can, sleep when I can. You know how newborns are.”

“Actually, I don’t,” Gran said. She stood from the chair, crossed to the crib, and gently laid Harper down. She gazed at the baby. “I had a slew of helpers—my sisters, my maids, nurses. I never needed to support myself or raise my baby on my own.” She glanced over her shoulder at Cheryl. “My family helped.”

“Gran, I couldn’t risk…” The woman stood, rolling her shoulders back. “I know. I do, but I would’ve helped.” Her voice sounded strained as if tears threatened again.

Cheryl’s exhaustion and shock prevented her from processing the situation.

“I couldn’t… tell them.”

Gran turned her back, her shoulders hunched. “I know. I was married to that terror for fifty years. I’m aware of what might have happened if you brought home a Kramer baby. I know what my sourpuss daughter might have done, but it doesn’t mean…”

Her words faltered, and her whole body shook.

Yep, tears.

Cheryl stood and draped herself over her grandmother. The woman suffered through so much. Her steel exterior never showed the pained person inside. Cheryl squeezed her tight.

“If it was only you, Gran, I’d never have left home.”

Gran dried her tears and returned the hug. “I know, my Cherie. But now he’s gone, and I have little Harper. One door closes and another opens.” She turned in Cheryl’s arms, pulling back to look her in the eye. “You won’t take her away, will you?”

Cheryl swallowed hard, the problems stacking up on her shoulders and weighing her down to the floor. She whispered, “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

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Christmas Baby is a compelling story of family drama. The Kramers and the Winston-Bristols have been in a feud for over thirty years. Cheryl Winston-Bristol returns to town for her grandfather’s funeral with a baby in tow. A child that looks an awful lot like Ted Kramer. In this novel, two families must find away to get along and repair the damage that years of hate created. Will little Harper be enough to bridge the gap?

Giveaway –

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Author Biography:

Ginny Frost is a hybrid author with two novels from The Wild Rose Press and four indie titles. She writes contemporary romance with a sexy, funny kick. In her downtime, she plays clerk at the local library—the perfect job to feed her reading addiction. She lives in upstate NY with her very own kindhearted ogre, their two smart and sassy daughters, and an evil cat named Flash.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
05 may 2022

Thank you, Ginny, for sharing your book in our Celebrate Mothers Bookish Event! Happy Mother's Day!

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