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5 stars for Cleelok: Chaos as defined by the limits of Eternity by Sean Nuber #fantasy #bookreview

Title: Cleelok: Chaos as defined by the limits of Eternity

Author: Sean Nuber

Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Cleelok, Chaos as defined by the limits of Eternity, is an epic fantasy story with four main characters, one for each race, one for each element. There is the world of their creators, a realm of Law filled with sentient elements made up of stone (Gaen), water (Fluen), air (Luften) and fire (Pyran). There is the world of our adventurers, a land of Chaos made of flesh and magic which is split into the same four realms. Each character has their own goals and trials. Croy, the Gaen dreamer, must overcome his inherent meekness. He enters the desert searching for the legendary talking trees and finds more than he was looking for. Clerin, the Fluen princess, has messages to carry between the world’s eternal creators, the Belegs. Travelling from temple to temple, she soon realizes that not all of the Belegs wish to be found. Vrric, the Luften mage, who quickly gains in knowledge and power. Each day gets him closer to his goal, escaping mediocrity. Trela, the Pyran warrior who feels she is destined to become Queen. This can only be accomplished by forcing the despotic King to clash swords with her and she can only accomplish that with the help of her new foreign friends.

My Review:

The effort put forth to create this novel deserves a commendation. In some ways, this fantasy world is kind of like War and Peace. Still not really sure what a Kriishan is but Trela is the real deal! Trela is probably my fave character out of this fantasy tome.

Reading this book requires a significant amount of concentration. Written beautifully and descriptive, it still must be digested. There are so many different worlds and people that, if you are not deliberate, you could get lost easily. I would get carried away in a storyline and read it to the end, then have to go back and reread to catch the nuances.

Sean Nuber puts an extremely valuable table of explanations and definitions and a map in the book. If that was placed at the start of the book, it would work even better for the reader. The storylines of the main four characters are woven together in a classic fashion. Professor Tolkien would be complimented if he sat down and read this book.

A worthwhile read. You will be able to fully lose yourself in this world. That is a positive thing considering how our world had been for the last year or so.

Recommended to fans of big fantasy tales that involve rings.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Sean lives with his lovely wife in Portland, Oregon. There they enjoy the city's many beautiful parks, friendly neighborhoods and abundant rainfall. Cleelok, Sean's first published novel, is the beginning of an epic trilogy. There is more to come, stay tuned!

Reviewed by: Mr. N


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