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5 stars for Combat To College by John H. Davis #bookreview #military #veterans

Title: Combat To College

Author: John H. Davis

Genre: Military Education, Reference

Book Blurb:

Combat to College is the book for veterans who want to win the college battle.

Veterans must utilize the unique skills and discipline gained in the military to succeed in higher education. Your experiences make you capable of not only graduating but creating the life you want after your military service. When veterans get out of the military, their plan of action often determines whether they live out their dreams or their nightmares. How well you do in college often dictates how well you do in life. Rise up to your potential and navigate college with these straightforward lessons. Maintain your military bearing, confidence and unwavering determination into your next chapter.

Make your college success non-negotiable, you earned your GI Bill and its time to grit your teeth and use it.

My Review:

This is a how-to book like I have never seen before. I was not and am not a veteran who faced the prospect of going to college but if I was, I would want to own this book. The author seamlessly offers his personal experience with a rich story craft that makes the book so readable. If you are a veteran with the GI Bill available but don't know what to do, buy this book and go to school. If you are in the service (thank you for your service!) then get this book to get you ready for the transition to college that will come.

This book is more than a guide, but it works extremely well as a step by step guide. The author provides a well-formulated gameplan that will help veteran students deal with the challenges of college with confidence. This is the best book for any veteran who is either in school or planning on going. A fantastic book that should be on every veteran’s bookshelf and/or e-reader.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Staff Sergeant John H. Davis is a decorated combat veteran with two tours in Afghanistan. He spends his time advocating for veteran causes and has received congressional and legislative recognition. John is a former VA employee, Student Veterans of America officer and is a youth coach for American Ninja Warrior classes. John also has experience teaching English in Thailand and Cambodia and History to incarcerated youth in New York. John enjoys whiskey, getting tattoos, riding motorcycles, volunteering and working out. John is America and you are too.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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