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5 stars for Cowgirls and Indians by Ann Greyson #historicalwestern #westernfiction #bookreview

Title: Cowgirls and Indians

Author: Ann Greyson

Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Western Fiction


Book Blurb: 


When the Ponca Indians encroach upon the Oklahoma settlement of the Cherokees, in 1881, a faction of the Cherokees leave for Mexico for a better life in the pine-oak forests of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range. Passing through Arizona, the tribe stumbles into the middle of a conflict between hostile Apaches and the settlers. The White Chief finds unoccupied land for his tribe to refuge along the confluence of the San Pedro and Babocomari Rivers, ten miles north of Tombstone. Wyatt Earp’s gunfight with the Clanton gang outside the O.K. Corral, Geronimo’s escape from the U.S. government-controlled San Carlos Apache Reservation, and the red-sashed Cowboys rustling activities happens during the time they are there. Misfortunes befall them beginning with the senseless murder of Dakota, a warrior promised in marriage to eighteen-year-old Sequoia. Desiring a new purpose in life, Sequoia plans to trade almond milk with the settlers to develop a rapport with the Indians. But the three women dairy farmers providing the precious commodity of milk in the territory, aren’t having it. Sequoia escapes from an altercation with these Cowgirls on one of their horses. Even though the white mare Maybelline is returned safely to its owner, Pidge Swafford, sadly enough, Sequoia faces discrimination against her that will inevitably turn her into a notorious frontier outlaw.


My Review: 


Tensions are high between the settlers, soldiers, and Indians, leaving young Sequoia no choice but to become an outlaw. I’m a big fan of historical western adventure, especially when it has a strong female heroine. Cowgirls & Indians is a true original in the book market. It is gritty, historically accurate, and has quite a bit dramatic tension. The world-building is flawless. But it’s the descriptive narration that wins my heart. I couldn’t put it down.


Let’s talk about the narration and setting. The time period is 1880s in Arizona. There is a lot of unrest and distrust between the whites and the Indians. Discrimination is rampant even between tribes. The narration keys on these elements to create the mood of this time period. Ann Greyson details what is happening but also what is in the air. The foreboding is described in every scene and the reader has no choice but to have an emotional reaction. It’s told through the eyes of the characters, so the realism is on point.


The characters are vast yet relatable. Even the biased cowgirls I connected with. The characters are accurate to the time period. Truth be told, I connected most with Sequoia. She’s a young woman working hard to survive in a hostile environment.


The writing is immersive and allows this dark era of history a time in the spotlight. The writing is stark with plenty of emotion. A well written story from start to finish.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


As a performer with a background in acting and dance, I consider myself a storyteller with a definite eye for details and the desire to entertain, crafting wide-ranging stories a notch more complex by raveling out clever plots with interesting characters. And every novel I’ve written is “PG,” character-rich reads that don’t include depictions of sex or profanity.


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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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