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5+ stars for Crushed Promises by Linda Trout #romanticsuspense #bookreview #bookrec

Title: Crushed Promises

Author: Linda Trout

Genre: Romantic Suspense


Book Blurb:


Rebecca Walker loves searching for lost treasure but puts her plans on hold to fulfill her sister’s dying wish of performing on Broadway. She returns home when her father has a severe stroke. While there, she’s determined to achieve her father's lifelong quest for hidden Confederate gold, rumored to be buried nearby.


Former army ranger Roy Maddox blames the accident that took his fiancee's life on her sister, Rebecca. Now Rebecca is back, pretending to care about the father she left behind to pursue her dreams. Despite their differences, they’re drawn to each other.


Will they locate and retrieve the gold, or will they be blind-sided by an outside force who is intent on taking the treasure, destroying them both?


My Review:


Can Rebecca fulfill her father’s hunt for Confederate gold without losing her heart to the one man who despises her? Crushed Promises is so much more than a romantic suspense. Themes of coming home, mending fences, and redeeming relationships interplay with a treasure hunt plus a good old-fashioned enemies-to-lovers romance. The world-building combines with descriptive narration and smart dialogue to make Crushed Promises impossible to put down.


Let’s start with the characters. Rebecca is a tortured heroine, plagued by her sister’s death. Her life’s work on Broadway was a promise made between sisters. But, like most things, had severe consequences. I enjoyed the complexities of Rebecca’s character and personality. Due to her father’s stroke, she must return home. Is it a betrayal of her sister’s memory or coming full circle? Roy is the hero and man alive, he’s full of anger and resentment. But is he wrong to place all the blame on Rebecca’s shoulders? The chemistry between these two is off the charts. Hatred turns to passion. The rest of the characters are well-written and add dramatic tension to the overall story.


The world-building is flawless and makes this an incredible read. Linda Trout peppers the plot with historical accuracy, suspense, and adventure. The hunt for the Confederate gold amps up the intrigue and danger.


Linda Trout pens another outstanding romantic suspense. If you like your romance with suspense and adventure, you’ll love Crushed Promises.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


An Award-Winning and Amazon paid Kindle sales top 25 Bestselling author, Oklahoma native Linda Trout loves Happily-Ever-Afters. When she isn’t helping her husband remodel their home, she’s outside trying to tame a small portion of their ten-acres (a losing battle). Between her numerous cats, who think they have to help her write, and traveling to various parts of the country, she’s working on her next novel.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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