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5+ stars for Curse of the Elf Lord by Heidi Vanlandingham #romanticfantasy #bookreview #ku

Title: Curse of the Elf Lord (Kingdom of the Elf Lords Book 2)

Author: Heidi Vanlandingham

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Cursed into the body of a werewolf, Émilien Elasalor longs for a cure that will return him to his true Elven form so he can win back the love of his wife, Hel. But knowing what an impossibility that is, he throws himself into his brother and sister-in-law’s disappearance, vowing to stop at nothing to find them.

Hel is regarded as the ice queen, but underneath that cold exterior is a heart that beats for the daughter she was forced to leave behind—and for the Elf who stole a slice of her soul so long ago. When the dead start disappearing from her realm, she and Émilien are thrust together to discover who is behind this new threat, making the bone-chilling discovery that more is at stake than their hearts—the life of their only daughter.

Can they forge a truce long enough to save her—and the whole of the Nine Worlds—or will their pasts destroy their future?

My Review:

In a reimagined fantasy world, I never know what will happen or where the author will take me. It’s part of the excitement whenever I read one of Heidi Vanlandingham’s books. Curse of the Elf Lord is an action-filled romantic fantasy with intense world-building and characters I couldn’t get enough of. If you love reimagined Norse mythology with a twist, this book is for you.

It starts and ends with the world-building. There are so many fantasy authors who miss the mark when it comes to world-building. Heidi Vanlandingham knows exactly how to build a world that is both realistic and seeped in fantasy. She uses the classic myths as a stepping-off point to create her own version. Her world-building is complex yet described so intricately, the story comes alive. Using classic romantic fantasy techniques, the author writes an unforgettable tale.

The action scenes are brilliant and very descriptive. They transport the reader. It’s like watching a film while reading. Very immersive.

The writing is superb. The author reels in the reader and doesn’t let go until the very end.

If you’re looking to get lost in a romantic fantasy adventure you won’t forget, pick up Curse of the Elf Lord.

My Rating: 5+ stars

Buy it Now:

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Author Biography:

Heidi Vanlandingham writes sweet, action-packed stories that take place in war-torn Europe, otherworldly magical realms, and the Wild West. Her love of history finds its way into each book, and her characters are lovable, strong, and diverse. Heidi’s stories transport the reader to a different place and time for understanding, compassion, and most of all, love.

Growing up in Oklahoma and living one year in Belgium gave Heidi a unique perspective regarding different cultures. She still lives in Oklahoma with her husband. Her oldest son is in the autism spectrum, working hard at living on his own, and her youngest son is in college and working toward his own dreams. Heidi’s favorite things in life are laughter, paranormal/fantasy romance books, music, and long road trips.

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Reviewed by: Nancy


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