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Once you start reading the Dark Reign series by @AGKirkham, you won't be able to stop #mafiaromance


Reign of Pride (Dark Reign Book 1)

Reign of Temptation (Dark Reign Book 2)

Reign of Possession (Dark Reign Book 3)


A.G. Kirkham


Contemporary Romance, Family Saga, Vigilante Justice, Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb(s)

Reign of Pride (Dark Reign Book 1)

Nero was born and raised to take over "La Famiglia". It is his destiny. Along with this power comes traditions, one being marrying a dutiful wife to have dutiful babies and raise them to respect the ways of the family. It is a severe handicap to fall in love. Enemies take those you love and use them to their advantage. Can Nero resist the youth and charm of Felicia or will she be the downfall of his destiny? Can he lose all he desires by letting his heart rule instead of his head? Felicia always knew that she would be promised in marriage, but was assured by her father that her future husband would be a man that she could fall in love with and would love her in return. Instead, when an attack hits the school, Felicia grabs her friend's hand and they run for their lives. Her quick thinking saved them both and her reward, Nero. Felicia understands tradition and the ways of the Famiglia but was not prepared to marry the next Capo. How does she make a man made of ice fall in love with her

Reign of Temptation (Dark Reign Book 2)

Moreno (Reno) Viale, is a man feared by many. He’s defied death on many occasions, and dishes out pain to those who try to impede his reign with relish. Traditions are an obligation Reno can’t ignore; even a Capo must marry. He chooses a simple girl, and thinks she’ll be no trouble. But this Capo is about to learn she’s nothing like she seems, and his new bride will test him at every turn.

Anna is a sweet, kind and gentle soul. She’s thrilled her father allowed her to teach, something she's always wanted to do. Then the world caved in and her Capo agreed to marry her off— not within her Familgia but to Nostra Casa. Their union serves the purpose of peace and her father cannot save her from this fate. It takes the strength and will of a warrior to fight for new family and earn their trust. Most of all, she longs to claim the trust of a man who feels nothing but duty.

Reno seeks only a warm body but is soon consumed by how Anna makes him feel, which poses a problem. He loved once and was betrayed; does he dare let her in?

Reign of Possession (Dark Reign Book 3)

Luciano owes La Famiglia everything. With his father dead, Marco Moretti raised him as his own and Nero is more than his best friend, he’s like a brother. Yet, he can’t ignore his attraction to Grazia, the Moretti princess. To avoid distraction, he leaves home to focus on becoming the best soldier and underboss he can be. But when La Famiglia tries to marry off Grazia, he realizes he’ll do whatever it takes to make her his. Even if all hell breaks loose. Grazia’s been in love with Luciano since she can remember. She’s managed to avoid her father’s plan to marry her off, but that time has come to an end. Grazia’s out of excuses and knows she’ll be married to someone she doesn’t love. When Luciano announces his intentions, she’s thrilled, but the fallout is nothing they planned on. Luciano has sworn to keep Grazia safe, but what do you do when a traitor has other plans for your wife?

Reign of Pride (Dark Reign Book 1) Book Trailer:


Reign of Pride (Dark Reign Book 1)

“It was my honor to be of assistance,” I said quietly.

“Felicia, we are aware that you could have run off and left Grazia behind. She told us how you wouldn’t give up and dragged her along all the way. My daughter has never been in a situation where she had cause to worry and she would have been taken, and God only knows what else would have happened had you not taken control,” the capo continued. “I understand that you have never been in such a situation either. You showed great ability. We are proud to have you in our famiglia. It is due to your great bravery that I would like to gift you with one of my greatest treasures.”

“Thank you, Mr. Moretti, but that’s not necessary. I was glad I was able to help.”

“A gift cannot be refused, my dear,” Marco eyes spoke louder than words. I looked at my father for guidance.

My father nodded at me, then said, “Capo, it is with great respect that we accept your gift. Felicia just wants impress that she is not expecting one,” Dad took my hand reassuringly.

I nodded, hoping I wasn’t insulting him and causing problems for my father.

“Nero and I have discussed this at great length,” Marco said. He then turned his attention to me. “My gift to you is a strong, handsome, husband. Your future will be secure. I have given this considerable thought.”

I was stunned into silence. I blinked, not sure what to say. I was afraid to say anything. When I glanced in Dad’s direction, I saw that he was as surprised as I was. I took a few deep breaths. I cleared my throat and uttered, “Who? Who do you have in mind?” My hands were clasped tightly in my lap and I could feel Dad tense beside me.

Nero cleared his throat then said the one word that decided my entire future. “Me.”

Reign of Temptation (Dark Reign Book 2)

Reno releases my hand and moves to the fireplace. “You have ten minutes to convince me to let you go.” What is he, a mind reader? He crosses his arms. “I would save you the trouble, but I suspect you need to get this off your chest.”

I’m getting more than a little annoyed by his arrogance and attitude. I’m not some petulant child having a tantrum. My entire life is shifting, for Pete’s sake.

I subconsciously take the stance I would when dealing with an unruly child in class, hands on hips, leaning slightly forward. “Okay, well, let me use my time wisely. I’m not what you need for a wife. Look at me. I haven’t been raised to be a capo’s wife. You want someone who is more refined and can charm your underbosses and their wives. That’s not me. I would be completely useless to you. I’m not some young girl who has her sights set on being the perfect little Mafia wife. I want to teach. I want to see the kids’ eyes light up every day when they finally find a solution to a problem.” He continues to smirk as I get more and more heated and peeved.

“Don’t just look at me. You know I’m right. I’m from La Famiglia, and I’m aware of the duties of a daughter, but Dad has raised us to be more than that. How can I possible gain the respect of your Nostra Casa? I’ve been the enemy for so long, they won’t accept me as your wife. They’ll make it difficult for you and for me. You can’t possibly want that. Don’t do this, please. If not for me, than for yourself.” I didn’t realize I’d begun pacing back and forth while rattling off all the reasons we need to call off this craziness.

Reno pushes himself away from the mantel and makes his way toward me. “Are you done?”

“For now!” I’m heaving, and my fists are curled in tight balls at my sides. I want to slap that smirk off his face. He then softens his eyes before he says his piece.

“Anna, there’s no choice. I asked for a woman to be my wife to create peace between the two families. It had to be me as a sign of good faith. My men will do as I say and will behave as I say. They have been told to support this union, as they see the mutual benefits for both parties.”

“But—” I sputter out.

He reaches out to cup my chin. “As for you and me, we will find a way to coexist. I need a wife, and I need heirs. You have the education and knowledge and, from what I can see, the passion for children, and will be an exceptional mother to ours. What you don’t know, you will learn. This union is a must. If I sever it at this point, there will be a war. If you choose to breach this peace, your father and brother will suffer. Don’t look too deeply into my dark soul. It will taint your pretty butterfly wings. However, we can accept this with grace and dignity, or we can face the negative consequences that will follow. Our fate is sealed, Anna.”

Reign of Possession (Dark Reign Book 3)

“Have you lost your mind?” Nero screams in my face. His hands grip my dark jacket. His eyes pierce mine. His face is red with fury, and I’ve seen that face often enough to know that you never want it directed at you.

Yet, here I am, poking a very dangerous bear. Whereas our capo, Marco Moretti, is standing behind his desk simply watching the scene unfold. I catch a glimpse over Nero’s shoulder and watch him come around the desk to stand with his back to it, leaning on it to sit on the edge.

“Nero, stand down.” The authoritative command from our capo stops Nero from ripping my head clean off my shoulders.

It takes Nero a moment, but he finally lets go of me and takes a step back. He veers toward his father. “He’s talking about Grazia. Our Grazia,” he spews.

“Step outside, my son. I need a moment with Luciano,” Marco tells him. Nero looks disbelievingly at his father and is ready to say something more, but Marco gives him a stern look, and that shuts him up, at least for now. His teeth are clenched, his fists balled tight, and I can see that the last thing he wants to do is leave the room. However, he’s not yet the capo, and although he is Marco’s son, he’s still a soldier in La Famiglia. An important man in his own right, but he doesn’t have the final say, not yet.

I wait for the door to shut, much louder than normal, I might add, before approaching my capo. I won’t lower my eyes, I vow, in silence. Marco won’t respect or entrust his daughter to a man who cowers.

“Sir—” I begin.

“Quiet,” Marco interrupts, then takes a heavy breath before raising himself from the edge of the desk and straightening his shoulders. The man may be in his late fifties, but I don’t doubt his ability to knock me senseless. Yes, I could overpower him, but what purpose would that serve? I would never have Grazia then.

“You have caused quite a stir with just a few words, Luciano. Why should I give you my daughter? She is a gentle soul, and you are a very hardened man. Do you have any idea how much chaos you caused in this moment? Nero was happy to end you just now. The only reason I halted your death was because your father was my best friend and consigliere, and you, my boy, have been a trusted friend to Nero.” Marco moves across the room to sit by the fireplace in his rustic brown leather wingback chair.

“Explain yourself,” he says, waving his hand in the air, gesturing for me to say my piece.

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Author Biography

I was born in a small town in Italy. My parents are loving people; and true traditionalists. I grew up being a chatterbox of a child and evolved into a quiet and shy teenager. I was definitely not the life of the party. As a matter of fact, I never wanted to go to any high school dances or any activities the school offered. I was good with being alone. I had to grow into my own and I eventually became the fun loving, open-minded and creative person I am now. I love the ‘me’ I have become and I am grateful that this is where I have landed. Writing is my release and I have escaped in my imagination to some incredible places meeting the most awesome characters. I also wanted to be a rock star but anyone who has ever heard me sing kindly convinced me that I do not have any talent. (In other words, I suck at it.) Although I have been writing since I was in grade school, and I am a hopeless romantic. GUARD is the first book in a seven book series. In 2019, WAR (Book 2 in the series) will be launched. Each book introduces characters who you will learn about in the next series. Why I write romance? I thrive on two individuals connecting in mind, body and soul. The understanding of wants and needs and placing them as a priority and not out of fear of losing them or because you feel you need to concede; you do it because it feels easy and right in your own heart. My other passion is cooking! I enjoy making meals for my family and friends and bantering around the table. I have colourful people in my life and they all add to my rainbow. I love music! I like it all, depending on my mood. And lastly, I love to travel. I want to enjoy all that life has to offer. I want to meet people, learn from them and create the most fantastic, sexy love stories. If I can do this overlooking the ocean and feeling the breeze wash over me then I have my heaven on earth. Stay tuned for more novels in the Satan’s Pride motorcycle club and Dark Reign mafia romance series coming soon!

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