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Daughter Dusk (the Myrk Maiden Trilogy #2) is a MG/YA Bookish Event pick #yalit #fantasy #giveaway

Title:Daughter Dusk (the Myrk Maiden Trilogy #2)

Author: Alyssa Charpentier

Genre: Dark fantasy

Book Blurb:

The journey of identity continues.

Twilight has escaped from the clutches of the Shadows, but her freedom is far from won. Now, she and her loved ones must prepare for war against the dark sorcerers who plot to destroy the world and all the light it contains. Twilight struggles to leave her Myrk Maiden identity behind her as she is faced with countless attacks on her psyche and the tentative new faith she clings to, growing increasingly concerned about the fate of the world and her place amidst the chaos. Her father, the new Shadow leader, wants her dead—or worse, alive. Her friends have staggering expectations for her. And the Myrk God is not content with the loss of his daughter of darkness…

As conspiracies unravel and world leaders choose their alliances, Twilight must gather an army to withstand the scheming of political powers and the powers of darkness as she finds herself torn between terror, unbelief, and the promises of the light, should she choose to accept them.


"Myrk Maiden."

A massive baine swooped in front of us, bearing a sword that looked to be composed of worms in its left hand. The worms held their blade shape by way of magic, gnashing their fangs and struggling against each other in formation, prepared to devour more meat.

"Your curiosity will now kill you. My children are hungry," the baine laughed.

Its eyes were endless sockets, out of which more worms crawled. When it grinned at us, the creatures wriggled between its teeth and dropped from its tongue. They started squirming toward us.

We blasted them away, and the baine swung.

My barrier, weakened since we arrived, trembled upon impact. I prayed for it not to disintegrate, and it held, but barely. With another hit, it would be gone. The disastrous heat around us would kill me instantaneously, assuming something else didn't first.

The shield was not allowed to fail.

Solshek moved forward and slashed at the baine with a lumensa blade, sending it staggering back. It began to spar with him with its worm sword. Every time the blades met, a few of the things dropped from their assembly and came after me.

I didn't have time to worry about the worms, though. Another baine landed behind me. This one had a torch in its hand. It jabbed the burning end at my shield and taunted me, growling, "One strike and your god will have proven He's forsaken you. Let us dance, sorcerer."

We danced.

When the monster took a swing, I took a sidestep, practicing what I'd learned with Korbin and Cobi sparring, deftly evading death. I managed to snatch up some of the worms with magic and shove them into the baine's face, but I noticed too late that it was fighting me into a corner—of lava.

I fell. Solshek shouted nearby, but his voice was distant compared to the roaring in my ears. The heat was increasing. I was collapsing.

It's over.

Only it wasn't. My magic held—


I rose on quivering legs atop a churning lake of fire. I was not in it, but on it, my feet safely inside the light surrounding my body. Snarling, the baine that had backed me into it hissed, "Impossible. You will die today, I promise you."

Glancing quickly at my feet, I laughed and looked back at the entity. "Make your promises, devil. We all know the only language you speak is lies."

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The troubled Myrk Maiden must now reclaim her humanity and sense of self while she is besieged by monsters, supernatural evils, and an increasingly violent, hungry god eager to destroy her planet. Read to continue the tale of a complicated and strangely relatable character!

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Open Internationally.

Runs September 12 – September 19, 2023.

Winner will be drawn on September 20, 2023.

Author Biography:

Alyssa Charpentier is the Literary Titan award-winning author of Daughter Darkness (the Myrk Maiden Trilogy #1) and has written for magazines such as G-FAN and Today's Christian Living. She currently resides in San Diego, CA per the U.S. Navy, penning short stories, new novels, and digital music in her bursts of spare time.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Sep 15, 2023

Thank you, Alyssa, for sharing your book in our Middle Grade & Young Adult Bookish Event!

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