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David & Goliath by @ScreenWryter13 is a Trick or Treat Bonanza pick #suspense #screenplay #giveaway

Title: David & Goliath

Author: Diana Stout

Genre: Police suspense mystery – screenplay format

Book Blurb:

He's a New York cop haunted by his past...

She's a New Orleans cop with a point to prove...

A serial killer, nursery rhymes, and voodoo bring them together...

Sultry heat and passion...

And, there are only two weeks to Mardi Gras.

Donovan O'Roarke, a tall New York cop, escaping an event where he accidentally shot the victim instead of the perp and wanting to work in a new landscape, arrives in New Orleans early evening and visits a bar in the French Quarter, where he falls into Silky David’s stakeout. He mistakes her for a lady of the night and hauls her to jail, only to find he’s the butt of her joke and is nicknamed Goliath by his new co-workers. The captain pairs them together to hunt down a serial killer. As the investigation moves forward, forgotten memories return to David much like Louisiana’s nightly wisps of fog. Can O'Roarke save her before it's too late?



NOISY bar, smoke-filled. Mirror above the bar, runs the length of the bar.

Band plays CAJUN MUSIC. Couples dance, Jack (cop undercover) among them.

Silky—dressed as a hooker—sits at bar, alone. Short skirt hiked up.

Drags on a cigarette, looks bored. Swings stool around, first toward the band. She and Jack exchange a quick glance.

Larry (cop), and a few other men sit at a table nearby. She spins around 180 degrees.

Randy (cop & her cousin) sits at the opposite end of the bar, where the bar curves around and meets the wall. Hunched over drink.

Silky's gaze lingers from table to table, eyeing different customers.

She turns back to her own drink, mumbling.


A microphone cord comes out of his collar, leads to the earpiece nestled in his ear. Through his earphone--


This tea sucks. I'm about to order a REAL drink.

She tosses back the tea, like a woman who's been without a drink for days.

The bartender replaces the empty glass for a full one. She grimaces. He winks.

Suddenly, her demeanor changes. She re-adjusts her bosom. Sits up straighter.

Randy turns his head toward the wall, coughing. He speaks softly.


Sit tight, guys. The action's about to start. I swear the woman has radar.

Bar door opens. It's Donovan.

Silky raises her gaze to the mirror. They stare at each other.

Without lowering her gaze, she sticks her finger in her drink, sticks same finger in her mouth, drawing it out slowly, her lips making a tight "o" around it.

Donovan tears his gaze away, scans the bar.

Randy huddles over his drink so he's not seen or recognized by Donovan.

Ignoring Silky, but aware she's watching him, Donovan moves to the bar.

Straddles a stool, a couple seats away from Silky. Between Silky and Randy. She looks Donovan up and down.

JOHN, young and who looks like he barely knows how to shave, sits on Silky's other side.

Starts conversing with Silky. She glances at Donovan saucily, then turns her back to him, giving the new "customer" her undivided attention.


Beer. Bud from tap.


Let's see some I.D.

John tosses his I.D. across the bar. Bartender scoops it up, glances at it, and smiles.


Happy birthday, John.


John. Nice name. You alone?


As the night is long.


Poor baby.

Donovan glares territorially at John. John notices. He takes his drink and leaves.

Donovan scoots over until he's next to Silky.


Your friend left.

Silky startles and spins around. The surprise in her face changes to one of delight.


My, aren't we a big boy.


Bet you say that to all the men.


Only when they're naked.

Donovan grins slightly. A loud chuckle comes from a table behind her. A choking sound comes from Randy.


He's mumbling again, pretending to grumble into his drink.


Whatever happens, boys, stay back. Target's okay. Cop, new in town. Couldn't have planned this better myself.


How long y'all in town for?


Long enough.

He stares at Silky now, his gaze dropping to her chest, showing genuine interest.


Ever been to the mountains?


Now and then.


Where ya’ from?


Does it matter?


Not really.

She takes an ice cube out of her drink and rubs it over her chest.


Too hot for you?


Could be even hotter for you... if you want.


I'd be foolish to say no when the lady is saying yes. How much?


How much you want?


All of you, Baby, right down to your toes.

Silky turns, so she's facing him square, her legs fully between his.

Her hands on his knees, she slides them up his thighs slowly. She smiles, looking him up and down, taking in his measure fully.


Ah, well. Toes will cost you extra. Fifty per.

Donovan lifts an eyebrow. He handcuffs one hand.


You're under arrest. You have the right--

He handcuffs her other hand to one of his.


Think again. Okay, boys, take him!

Silky looks for Randy. He's mumbling in his drink, appearing to cough, sounds like a laugh.

No one comes to her aid. Donovan stands up, jerking Silky along with him.


No Prince Charming in sight? Too bad. I'm taking you in.

Silky kicks him in the shin.


Pass that on to your friend.

Donovan growls, bends toward her, wraps his cuffed hand behind her, forcing her cuffed hand to follow, lifting her up, pressing her to him.


What friend?


Don't toy with me. You're in cahoots with my cousin.


Lady, I don't know your cousin.


I'm a cop.

He ignores her and pulls her out--


--into the street. Cat-calls and whistles directed their way.


Friends of yours?

Silky shrugs. She's pulled along. She glances behind her.

Randy and the others follow at a safe distance.

Silky trips. She can hardly keep up with Donovan's long strides and fast pace. She jerks their cuffed arms. She's back in character.


Either slow down, Sugar, or carry me.


Donovan strides into the precinct. Silky is practically running now to keep up. Hoots and hollers follow them through the precinct.


Look! David's caught Goliath!

Buy Links (including Goodreads and BookBub):

If you could dress up as anything or anyone this Halloween, what or who would it be and why?

If I had to dress up for Halloween, I'd go as a ghost, but only if my costume could appear translucent and glow slightly in the dark. I'd be a ghost dressed as a woman from the late 1800s: long dress, upswept hair. Why? I'm able to communicate with those on the other side, so the other side fascinates me.

Explain why your featured book is a treat to read:

Because it reads FAST! As a screenplay, it's all about dialogue and action, both of which reveal characters quickly. It's both suspenseful and funny, with delightful moments between various characters, especially the two main characters: Silky & Donovan.

Giveaway –

One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon gift card.

Open internationally. You must have a valid Amazon US or Canada account to win.

Runs October 1 – 31

Drawing will be held on November 1.

Author Biography:

Diana Stout, MFA, Ph.D. is an award-winning screenwriter, author, and former English professor, whose writing led her into academic teaching, then creating a production company. Published in multiple genres, she has written romances, magazine articles and short stories, is a former magazine and newspaper columnist, optioned a Hollywood screenplay, and had two short plays produced in New York City. She’s served as a judge for various screenwriting, romance, and academic contests, both national and regional. When not writing and helping other writers, she enjoys reading, watching movies, bird watching, researching new topics, jigsaw puzzles, and visiting family and friends.

Social Media Links:

Twitter: ScreenWryter13 or


Only for the Brave writing blog:

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Behind the Scenes:

Behind the Scenes with Diana Stout and Featured Guests:

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Oct 20, 2021

Thank you, Diana, for sharing your book in our Trick or Treat Book Bonanza!

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