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New Release | Deep Disinformation: Can AI-Generated Fake News Swing an Election? #nonfiction #books

Title Deep Disinformation: Can AI-Generated Fake News Swing an Election?

Author Ashley Parker Owens

Genre Non-Fiction, technical and political commentary on AI and disinformation

Book Blurb

Learning whether to trust your eyes and ears is a new survival skill. Ready for a crash course?

Dive into the shadowy world of fake news powered by artificial intelligence in the thrilling book Deep Disinformation: Can AI-Generated Fake News Swing an Election?

This gripping guide takes you on a mind-bending journey to uncover how advanced tech is being used to manipulate everything we think we know. Presented in a nonpartisan approach with relevant links to articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more, see how realistic synthetic media threatens to destroy truth. This crucial manual offers survival skills for navigating the modern information landscape.

Learn concrete tactics to spot fake videos, images, and news stories. Get essential strategies to stay sharp in this era of viral deepfakes and propaganda explicitly designed to trick you. Complete with twin glossaries to help further your understanding of the threat; Deep Disinformation is a must-read.

Explore the alarming power of AI disinformation, where anything can be faked, and democracy is at risk. Enter a world where facts no longer reign supreme, and reality is up for grabs. This eye-opening book gives you the power to withstand the coming age of personalized realities—including sniffing out deceptive bots, thinking critically about viral voices, and foiling insidious influence campaigns.

Deep Disinformation reveals the disturbing implications of using AI for deception. We must awaken before it’s too late to safeguard democracy from data-powered mind manipulation.

The fate of truth in the deepfake era hangs in the balance. Arm yourself with knowledge and help turn the tide to write the next chapter of humanity’s story. The power is yours. Wield it wisely.

When AI deception surges, will you be ready?

Find out now with Deep Disinformation.


Meet the scammers, extremists, and spies behind disinformation. Jokesters make up crazy conspiracies to fool gullible people, while trolls deliberately stir up turmoil to watch the world burn. Extremists create false stories that drive their followers to violence, while enemy hackers test ways to divide us. While their motives differ, the deceivers share a disregard for truth and human lives. Exposing their tactics and mindsets robs them of their power to manipulate us from the shadows. Shining light on their lies motivates us to reject their frauds.

Deepfakes swap faces and voices using neural networks. Text generators, like ChatGPT, imitate human writing on any topic. Image algorithms fabricate scenes and objects. The core technologies enabling this automated mass deception include machine learning, AI models, training data, natural language processing, and specialized algorithms.

On hidden online forums, unsavory characters share tips to maximize manipulation. Con artists trade secrets on targeting human emotions while evading the law. They sell ready-made fakery tools to anyone, no questions asked. They brag about past disinformation campaigns that destabilized entire countries. Exposing the inner workings of these back channels reveals the cold inhumanity behind attacks on truth—and motivates us to demand integrity.

Disinformers profit from ads, donations, merchandise sales, and data collection. Ad revenue and video view royalties rake in millions for fake con-tent creators. Their narratives motivate donors to fund operations. Private data harvested from Facebook and TikTok gets auctioned off. When lies go viral, platforms and creators cash in. These profitable feedback loops incentivize engineering even more potent deceptions. Cutting off revenue sources is critical to starving disinformers.

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Author Biography

Ashley Parker Owens, a self-proclaimed AI enthusiast, is absolutely thrilled to have found a new friend who can keep up with her endless need to kick around story ideas. She resides in Richmond, Kentucky, where she gracefully balances her life as an Appalachian writer, poet, and artist with her day job as an IT Risk Analyst at a global pharmaceutical firm.

With her double MFAs combined with a long-term IT career, Ashley’s brain is like a melting pot of creativity and technical imagination. She’s been known to have dreams that wake her in a cold sweat, but not from your typical nightmares. Oh no, her dreams involve John Connor from The Terminator, giving her the most menacing side-eye you can imagine.

Despite her multiple failed novels, Ashley continues to write fiction. When she’s not conjuring up fantastical stories or digitally painting vibrant masterpieces, you can find her online at Her AI masterpieces (created in Midjourney) of apes and monkeys can be found at

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Sep 21, 2023

Thank you, Ashley, for sharing your new release with us!

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