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5 stars for Desiree, The Music of My Soul by Peggy Race #memoir #dogs #inspirational #bookreview

Title: Desiree, The Music of My Soul

Author: Peggy Race

Genre: Memoir, Dog Memoir

Book Blurb:

Staunch and rooted to her childhood values, Peggy engages in a battle to overcome a failed marriage, the sudden, heartrending loss of her second husband and her own self-doubts. While sandwiched between each layer of uncertainty, Peggy fights her way forward through the love of her dogs.

Amid personal tragedy, Peggy’s life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Desiree, a rescued Hurricane Katrina dog. Fueled by the serendipitous connection, Peggy deploys an unending passion for answers as she searches for purpose. As Peggy unravels Desiree’s significance in her life, she looks beyond the confines of loss and discovers her true self.

Desiree, The Music of My Soul is a poetic and soul-stirring love story which captures one woman’s journey of strength and self-discovery that transcends grief and loss. Filled with hope and inspiration, Desiree, The Music of My Soul, symbolizes the resilience of the human spirit.

My Review:

In the middle of her own personal hurricane, Peggy finds calm in the eye of the storm through the love of her rescue dogs. After reeling from the sudden death of her husband, Peggy drowns in her own doubts and fears. It isn’t until she connects with Desiree, a Hurricane Katrina rescue dog, that Peggy begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A dog’s unconditional love is truly remarkable, a melody of healing and devotion. Join Peggy as she shares her incredible journey to self-discovery and purpose.

Desiree, The Music of My Soul is an inspirational story every pet owner and animal lover needs to read. From the cover to the very last page, Desiree’s soul shines through the words. I am not a dog lover, in fact, I’m allergic, but I understand the incredible connection one feels for animals. Peggy sat at a crossroads in her life, not knowing where to go or what to do when she meets Desiree. This chance meeting pulls Peggy into a different direction from where she was headed, and her life is forever changed. Call it what you want but I truly believe Desiree saved Peggy’s life. The story unfolds naturally with emotional narration and honest prose. I connected with Peggy immediately and her journey was so heartfelt, I even cried a few times. If you’re in need of proof of how animals heal through devotion, pick up Desiree, The Music of My Soul. If you’re a dog lover, pick up Desiree, The Music of My Soul. If you love animals, you’ll want to read Desiree, The Music of My Soul. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Peggy Race grew up on a dairy farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin. Rooted in the fertile fields of her youth, she cultivated an appreciation for nature and a love for animals. Peggy spreads her seeds of hope through advocacy, dog fostering and her writing. Peggy lives with her two dogs, Faith, a ball-herding border collie and Deputy, a puppy mill rescue. She carries a treasure chest filled with memories of her rescued Hurricane Katrina dog, Desiree.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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