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5+ stars for Dreamcatcher: The Reincarnation Series by @author_barr #pnr #vampireromance #newrelease

Title: Dreamcatcher: The Reincarnation Series, Book 8

Author: Marilyn Barr

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance, Reincarnation Romance, Native American Romance

Book Blurb:

When tattoo artist, Gretchen O’Malley steps into the world of spiritual healing to banish the nightmare which haunts her, she crosses time and space to search for inner peace. When a spiritual journey with an eccentric Shamanic Practitioner reveals her nightmare is a piece of his past, she doesn’t trust her overwhelming attraction to him… Shamanic Practitioner turned Vampire Makaha Juang longs to reclaim the woman who worked herself to death in the sugarcane fields of Oahu over one hundred and fifty years ago. He thanks the Gods when Kaihua enters his office—reincarnated as Gretchen. A prophetic nightmare, explosive soulmate connection, and the boundaries of his spirit contract test his morality and dedication to tenants to Shamanism. Will he compromise his integrity in the name of love or will he free her from their karmic cord? Trigger Warning...Mild violence, Spirituality. The Reincarnation Series is a multiauthor series based on the vampire, reincarnation, and a second chance at love. Each has a happily ever after. Read them all, vampire romance lovers! Black Lotus, Book 1 – Author Kristal Dawn Harris Vintage, Book 2 - Author Laura M. Baird Switch, Book 3 - Author Hannah Morse Blood Tears Book 4 - Author Alyna Lochlan Eternity, Book 5 -Author April Hollingworth Renaissance, Book 6 -Author Kristal Dawn Harris Buccaneer, Book 7-Author Kristal Dawn Harris Dreamcatcher, Book 8 -Author Marilyn Barr Syre, Book 9 -Author Kyann Waters

My Review:

Can an alluring vampire be Gretchen’s dreamcatcher? Tattoo artist Gretchen O’Malley can’t sleep due to horrific nightmares. Being sleep-deprived is not a good look for her. She goes with her bestie to a holistic fair in the hopes of finding someone, anyone, who can help her sleep and make the nightmares go away. She meets Makaha who is an offbeat Shaman Practitioner. She’s drawn to him but doesn’t know why. Is he a significant person from her past lives or something more? He kisses her, touches her, and a piece of her soul yearns for more. It takes her some time to figure out how he fits into her life, but will he accept her? Will she risk her heart to be with Makaha for all eternity or will he push her away?

Dreamcatcher is a spellbinding hot paranormal romance I couldn’t put down. This story is an emotional roller coaster ride from start to finish. While it is part of a multi-author series, Marilyn Barr puts her own twist on it. There is immense detail concerning Hawaiian shaman rituals and beliefs which I found incredibly fascinating. It added a new dimension to the overall story. I connected with both Gretchen and Makaha from the beginning. Their immediate attraction propelled the romance with intense emotions. The plot itself wove through expertise writing and romantic tension. The ending made me cry happy tears. I’m a huge fan of Marilyn Barr’s books and writing. Her ability to draw the reader in is second to a handful of gifted writers. Dreamcatcher is a brilliant paranormal romance from start to finish. If you’re a steamy paranormal romance reader, you’ll want to read Dreamcatcher. If you’re looking for a heart-wrenching paranormal romance, pick up Dreamcatcher. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Marilyn Barr currently resides in the wilds of Kentucky with her husband, son, and rescue cats. She has a diverse background containing experiences as a child prodigy turned medical school reject, published microbiologist, special education/inclusion science teacher, homeschool mother of a savant, certified spiritual/energy healer, and advocate for the autistic community. This puts her in the position to bring tales containing heroes who are regular people with different ability levels and body types, in a light where they are powerful, lovable, and appreciated.

When engaging with the real world, she is collecting characters, empty coffee cups, and unused homeschool curricula. She is a sucker (haha) for cheesy horror movies, Italian food, punk music, black cats, bad puns, and all things witchy.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


Marilyn Barr
Marilyn Barr
Apr 26, 2022

Thank you so much for the review. I'm glad you liked Dreamcatcher. Your review made me dance around my kitchen! ❤️ Marilyn

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 26, 2022
Replying to

You're so welcome!

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