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5+ stars for Drink Water Mind Your Business by @iamandrewstuart #business #motivation #bookreview

Title: Drink Water Mind Your Business

Author: Andrew Stuart

Genre: Business Motivation, Entrepreneurship

Book Blurb:

Drink Water Mind Your Business

A Simple Way to Focus and Get Started Learn how to

Improve your overall well-being in one of the most cost-effective ways!

Applying the lessons in chapter one, will improve your physical well-being from the inside, out. The consistent use of this practice could even make you look younger, without paying for a Facelift.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset!

Understanding and using this correctly will enable you to.•Control your responses•See setbacks as temporary•Not take failure personally

How to define yourself

Using a simple 2-step program you will be able to rise above to.•Build your confidence•Use the negativity of others to light your fire

A simple way to Focus

After using this you will have. •Greater Clarity. •Improved decision-making. •Better problem-solving skills Andrew Stuart wrote and published his first book at 12 years old. He published his first book as an adult in the year 2020, because he thought the world was coming to an end. He has been blogging for over 7 years. His interests are personal development, online advertising, and entrepreneurship. Download with one click and continue shopping!

My Review:

A great addition to the burgeoning self-help/business help book library. The author takes a simple common-sense approach. If people starting their new business read this book, they would be better off. If a person finds they aren't feeling well more often than not, read this book.

I say common sense but perhaps it is time someone said to drink water. As one who is an entrepreneur who drinks water by the large glass steadily, I loved this book. Well formatted, the book flows from section to section. The book is laid out in easy-to-access sections. There are convenient summaries throughout.

Some books attempting to help entrepreneurs get lost in the philosophic. This work is loaded with real-world examples that will not fail to inspire someone thinking about starting a business. There is much in this book that will appeal to many. An easy read that offers sound advice. This advice will aid someone in starting their own business and will help them live a better life too.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

On August 9, 2020, Andrew Stuart published The Progress Journal his first book as an adult. He decided to go through his leisure time journal, and document its progress on Instagram. While going through the 66-day Journal, he rediscovered his passion for writing. The lessons learned while going through The Progress Journal inspired him to continue writing and share more of his insights with the world.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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