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Druids In The Mist by @CorneliaAmiri is a KU Event pick #historicalfantasy #fantasyromance #ku


Druids In The Mist


Cornelia Amiri


Historical Fantasy Romance

Book Blurb:

As Queen Boudica leads her two druids against Rome… love leads them to their destiny. Conquering Romans plunge the British tribes into chaos. The future of the mist-covered isle and its brave people rest in the hands of two druids, whose views are as different as fire and ice. Arch Druid Rhys is a master of the sacred mysteries but a novice in the ways of the heart. Sulwen, a survivor of the Roman massacre on the Druid Learning Center, discovers Rhys, the shapeshifter, has evoked a basic, feral desire in her. But soon, the goddess may exact the unfathomable price of taking him from her. Though their love is as potent as their magic, is it strong enough to survive the turmoil of the Romans, the Rebel Queen Boudica, and the gods? You may be familiar with the author Cornelia Amiri, often referred to as the Celtic/Romance Queen, she's been researching and writing about the ancient Celts for over 20 years.


She was lost in the heart-rending tenderness of his gaze. Rhys pulled Sulwen to him, crushing her against the solid wall of muscle that was his chest. She felt the strength of his arms as they encircled her. He caressed her chin with his scorching [1]ngers. Her pulse pounded.

Rhys tilted her chin up as he leaned in and captured her mouth. She was swept away by the deep, rich, mind-melting kiss. His tongue slipped between her parted lips and danced with hers. She moaned. Her body tingled. Sulwen ran her hands down his smooth back.

As he swept his hands across her chest and cupped her breasts, heat surged through her. He squeezed her full, aching breasts and she flamed with need.

“Your’s like kissing fire.”

“Mouth...Fire Breathing...Dragon ...Madog.” She pushed away from Rhys. “Ah, I am sorry, but we cannot do this now. I have to brew the healing draught for Madog.” Her heart hammered.

“Oh, Sulwen,” he fussed, like a small boy who had been told no. “Can he not wait? Newlyn’s with him, he’ll care for him.”

“We have to wait. It will not take long.” She grabbed his hand and tugged hard, pulling him with her to the nearby round house. “Hasten so we can get back to this straightaway.”

“So be it...I will help.” Rhys dragged his words as she tugged him through the entrance and into the hut.

“I know you will.” She grinned at him, then glanced at the fire that still burned in the center of the roundhouse. Gray smoke curled up through the hole in the thatch. “The cauldron is already filled with water. Just hang it over the fire.”

As he did so, she grabbed a clay jar of crushed meadowsweet from the wooden cupboard. She threw the herbs into the cauldron and watched it bubble. Quickly, she poured the draught into a flagon. With Rhys at her side, she brought it to Madog.

He ceased weeping and lay peacefully on a pallet covered with a bright plaid blanket.

Newlyn, who sat at his side watching over him, stood when Sulwen entered and took the healing potion from her. “My thanks.”

“Newlyn, are you sure that no one will call the dragons forth again?” She was breathless as she awaited his answer.

“Yes, my thanks to you for that as well. We were the force that weakened Madog’s magical energy, for we deemed him wrong. The power we emitted waylaid his. Thank the gods, the other druids, except for Rhys,” Newlyn paused a moment to glance at the arch druid, “doubted Madog’s ability to call the dragons. Nothing affects magic worse than disbelief.”

Rhys leaned closer to Newlyn. “Do you believe the dragons would have come if others had not weakened the power of Madog’s spell?”

Newlyn’s brows arched. “Did you not see them?”

“You mean dragons?” Sulwen grabbed hold of Newlyn’s arm. “You saw them?”

“Where the rock wall stood solid, but moments before, one beast stuck out its large, shimmering head with glowing, yellow cat-like eyes. Upon sensing a cave full of humans with tension betwixt them, the dragons retreated. They have learned to be wary of us.” Newlyn rubbed his chin. “I know not how many were behind him, but others were there.”

Rhys drew in a quick breath, his mouth dropped open and his eye widened. “I did not want to say anything. I did not think anyone would believe it. I was not sure what I heard, but in the cave, as we waited for the dragons, there was a roar. My insides trembled, and I jumped at the sound. Yet, not really a roar, though loud, it was a low tone, more of a vibration than a sound.”

Shock jolted Sulwen. “I cannot believe it.” Her breath caught in her lungs as she remembered the sound that surrounded her, as if it had come from all directions. Yet nothing had been there. “I heard it as well, but I shut it out. I thought it nothing more than a warning in my head, caused by my own fear.”

“I knew it for what it was the moment it came to my ears, yet I said nothing. I did not wish to alarm anyone.” Newlyn seemed so wise and serene for a man speaking of hearing dragons. Sulwen’s hand flew to her temple and she let out a loud sigh. “Bless Dewey that the dragons did not wish to enter our realm.”

Rhys ashed a broad smile of relief. “Forsooth, the god’s blessing was upon us.”

“It is so.” Newlyn’s eyes twinkled as he returned the smile. “What of you? Do you want to call the dragons?” The lines on Newlyn’s brow deepened, as did the wrinkles framing his blue eyes.

“No, I am too busy making a life here to get killed in battle or slain by a dragon.” Rhys shifted his shoulders back and held his head high. “I am to wed soon.”

Newlyn turned and gazed at Sulwen as if waiting for her to say something.

She peered at Rhys with one brow arched. “Just who are you pledging your troth to?”

“Well, I am to marry you, if you will be my wife.” “Why should I wed you?” “It is our destiny.” His voice was deep and husky. Her whole body tingled. “Is it now?”

“I could no more live without you than an ancient oak tree could rid itself of its sacred mistletoe.”

“Are you saying I cling to you?” Sulwen folded her arms across her chest and grinned.

“I am saying you have penetrated my whole being and grown as one with me.”

“You protect me and care for me and give me strength.” She wrapped her arms around him. “You are my oak.”

“You are my mistletoe.” He planted his mouth upon her lips.

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

There are few romances set in the backdrop of the rebel queen Boudicca and maybe none but this one with both hero and heroine as durids. The tropes or mentor and apprentice, second chance romance, and fighting for a cause. Druids in the mist offers shapeshifting, a hint of dragons, magic, and the indomitable spirit of the druids to survive and help humanity. And the love scenes with Sulwen and Rhys sizzle and make the heart rate kick into high gear.

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Author Biography:

The Celtic Warrior Queen made me start writing professionally. I love history and in reading a book about the dark ages, I came across the rebel queen. She inspired me so much, I started jotting down notes, but they were fiction, visions of me involved in the Boudica revolt. Before I knew it, I had accidentally written a rough draft for a novel. And I've been writing books on purpose ever since. Drawing on my love of a happy ending I have currently penned over 35 published romance books under my name, Cornelia Amiri. I and my muse, Severus the Cat, live amid the hustle and bustle of humid Houston, Texas,

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