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5+ stars for Enfant Terrible: Headliner by Gwydhar Gebien #bookreview #litfic #literaryfiction #99c

Title: Enfant Terrible: Headliner

Author: Gwydhar Gebien

Genre: Literary Fiction

Book Blurb:

Damen Warner, the washed-up front man for the metalcore band OBNXS, is determined to do whatever it takes to wrench his career out of obscurity. All he has to do is come up with mind-blowing, boner-inducing, panty-dropping original material.

No pressure.

In an effort to claw his way back to stardom, he teams up with a well-connected but underhanded investor to produce a new album, and his life quickly spirals into a widening gyre of depravity and mayhem. But when he is unexpectedly cast in the role of a father figure to his girlfriend’s five-year-old daughter, he finds himself torn between fame and fatherhood as he continues his odyssey of self-destruction down the path of good intentions and bad behavior.

My Review:

Clawing his way back into the spotlight has Damen rethinking his priorities, but is he ready? Enfant Terrible: Headliner is the next book in this trilogy, and I like it better than the first. It has more meat, more substance, more grit. Enfant Terrible: Headliner propels the reader deep inside Damen’s psyche. It’s like riding a high for weeks then crashing. It’s filled with detailed narration, conflict galore, characters that ooze realism, and what it means to be a headliner.

Let’s talk about the characters. Damen is the main character, that hasn’t changed. He’s also pretty screwed up. He keeps putting his trust in the wrong people. And for what? Fame? Glory? Drugs? Sex? Redemption? I’m not one to judge, I only read his perverse lifestyle with gleeful enthusiasm. The rest of the characters are screwed up too, so they fill out the story nicely. What I love about this author is the unvarnished way she writes these characters. There’s no holding back, which I found very refreshing.

The narration is extremely detailed and uncensored. When Damen plunges down the rabbit hole, it’s described in acute detail.

If you’re looking for an original story full of the seedier side of life with a side of self-effacing humor, pick up Enfant Terrible: Headliner.

My Rating: 5+ stars

Buy it Now:

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Author Biography:

GWYDHAR GEBIEN (Pronounced Gwed-ra Gay-bin) Gwydhar Gebien is a writer, an artist and a filmmaker; originally from Chicago now transplanted in Los Angeles in pursuit of a career in film production. She is still *pretty sure* her subversive sense of humor would do well in a television writers' room. With a background in theatre from Illinois Wesleyan University and a master's degree in film production from University of Southern California she is putting her training to good use at Warner Brothers Animation on adult content that she is not currently at liberty to discuss. An eldritch creature of introverted disposition, Gwydhar, lives a quiet life in a pink house with her husband and a cat and a minivan, but can occasionally be coaxed out into the open with music, snacks, or a single-malt whisky.

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Reviewed by: Nancy


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