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Eternal Seas by @ncsamuelson is a Beach Reads pick #romance #supernatural #beachread #giveaway


Author: N. Christine Samuelson

Genre: Contemporary Romance - Supernatural Elements

Book Blurb:

Ella’s lifelong fear of the sea and its tragedies surrounding loved ones, cause her to fear love and relationships—until the sea brings her the perfect man—Navy fighter pilot Daniel Ellsworth. Feeling cursed, she’s haunted by secrets, lies, spirits, and memories of living in other times with similar fates.

A powerful attraction draws Ella and Daniel together in Key West. But believing that loving him will make him the next victim, Ella wants to run away. Daniel questions pursuing her, knowing death could be a consequence.

They begin an odyssey over generations of time filled with mystery and peril leading back to Ella’s ancestral home in Maine. Will their destiny be fulfilled, or will tragedy be repeated as Ella and Daniel endure heartbreak to find love, and face death to find life?


Arriving in the small, tropical island of Key West, the southernmost point in the United States, they made their way to a beach-front rental cottage. Pulling into the sandy driveway, the cottage looked even better than the website photos. Tall coconut palm trees framed the front door, and Bahama shutters tilted away from the bottom of the windows to let in light and air. Ella felt she’d stepped back in time to a more rustic era where simplicity, vibrant colors, and ocean breezes welcomed them. Large flowering bushes and palm trees grew between the cottages, giving privacy and filling the air with fragrance.

The cottage was decorated with casual furniture and plenty of Key West beach charm. … The place had a light and airy feel, an extension of the beach outside. Ella loved that the beach was just out the back door. She could walk onto it without having to drive. With opening the patio doors wide, warm ocean breezes and salt air floated in, and every night the sound of the waves would lull her to sleep.

Janie, her best friend, liked that the cottage was close to good local cafés and bars with music. She was ready to party, but Ella was tired after driving eleven hours, so they compromised on drinks and dinner at a restaurant within walking distance. Janie was determined to get Ella out to meet men on this trip, to change her attitude so she’d be more positive about relationships, about her life.

Ella decided to pretend to go along with Janie’s plan and keep the vacation status quo. But with opening the door to this cottage, she opened the door to a new start in life. Secretly, she planned to update her resume and research jobs to relocate, maybe somewhere out west. There was definitely the feeling of a new beginning steeped in the air. If something worked out, it would appear unintentional to Janie, just a coincidence. Ella’s survival had always depended on moving, running, keeping one step ahead of the things that haunted her. She wouldn’t tell Janie until it was a done deal because she knew Janie would try to stop her.

Ella never shared her belief of not staying attached to any one place, job, and especially a man and a relationship for long, meant she couldn’t be hurt. She wouldn’t be abandoned and would never feel that pain and loss again. The truth she never shared with Janie was that the men she’d loved most didn’t leave her; they were taken by the sea in one way or another. And here she was surrounded by the sea in Key West and by a friend determined to find her a man.

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Why is your featured book a must-read?

Eternal Seas has an otherworldly quality that spans time and life. It’s filled with mysteries, mysticism, and stories of loss at sea that make Ella Rowe fear for the life of any man she loves—and so she loves no one until Navy fighter pilot Daniel Ellsworth rocks her world. From Key West to Europe to Maine, Ella and Daniel’s journey is hard to put down.

It delves into bonds of love so strong they cross the boundaries of time and death with connections to Ella & Daniel’s contemporary relationship challenges and obstacles. Eternal Seas is a very unusual story that any reader can relate to with its down-to-earth characters with very real obstacles and losses, and a powerful connection of soul and love.

Praise for Eternal Seas:

“…a great read if you believe in love, romance, fate, spirituality or any of the above. There is nothing ho-hum about this beautifully written book - you'll be guessing from the first page to the last!” – Amazon reviewer

“…Ella’s memories…were written with such beauty. . . the book is an interesting look at the concepts of fate, destiny, and beliefs.” – BookBub reviewer

“…N. Christine Samuelson has a wonderful talent of connecting you to the characters, their emotions and the settings so you feel part of the story. …. I loved the book and did not want it to end.” – Amazon reviewer

“Wow, what a beautiful story…lyrical narration set in Key West. ……kept me turning the pages…mystery and romance added to the depth of the plot.” – N.N. Light’s Book Heaven

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Author Biography:

Christine Samuelson has been a lifelong writer in many professional and personal capacities, but now writes the kinds of stories she loves—about life and love’s challenges, tragedies and victories. Her overall themes deal with the bonds of love that transform lives and transcend time. Her characters and plotlines are grounded in reality but have a touch of mysticism and mystery. Writing is the way she shares the tragic, the magic, the joys and triumphs of everyday life.

Christine lives in coastal South Carolina where the people, land and sea are constant sources of inspiration. She hopes readers of her books will be inspired to look at life and love through a different lens and realize that no matter your circumstances, we all share similar stories in our lives and our hearts.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jul 22, 2020

Thank you, N. Christine, for sharing your book in our Beach Reads Bookish Event. It's such a fantastic read!

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