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Eternal Seas by @ncsamuelson is a Love and Romance Festival pick #romance #supernatural #giveaway


Author: N. Christine Samuelson

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Supernatural elements

Book Blurb:

Ella Rowe’s lifelong fear of the sea, with its tragedies surrounding loved ones, cause her soul-deep fear of love and relationships—until the sea brings a man perfect for her—Navy fighter pilot Daniel Ellsworth.

A powerful attraction draws them together in Key West, but undermining it is Ella’s feeling cursed and haunted by deaths, family secrets, lies, spirits, and vivid memories of living in other times with similar fates—all caused by the sea. She believes loving Daniel will make him the next victim, while Daniel questions pursuing her, knowing death could be a consequence.

They begin an odyssey spanning generations of time filled with mystery, otherworldly events, and peril leading back to Ella’s ancestral home in Maine. Will their destiny be fulfilled, or will tragedy be repeated as they endure heartbreak to find love, and face death to find life?


With loud, early morning knocking at her door, Ella got upset and flung it open. “Are you kidding me?” She gave him a nasty look. “More like I never expected to see you here at my front door first thing in the morning. How did you find me? Are you a stalker or something? You sure look like one in those casual clothes without the formal dress uniform.”

Trying to make light of the situation, he explained, “Technically, they’re summer dress whites. Formal dress has a jacket with long sleeves. Way too hot for this climate.”

Ella was not amused. “You must have followed me. That’s stalking and I’m shocked. What are you doing here?”

“I’m very sorry to have upset you,” he said sheepishly, and she could see genuine sincerity on his face. “I really am sorry. I didn’t follow you and I’m not a stalker. I was hoping you’d be pleasantly surprised. When you left last night, I was just so sad and kept thinking as I watched your car drive off, ‘There goes Cinder-Ella, back to her life.’ I knew your car, had noted your plate number last night, and being this is such a small town that I know well—and you’d told me all about the place you were staying—I had a pretty good idea of where you were. I got up early, wanted to see you more than anything else I could do, came to the place I thought you were staying, saw your car out front, and voilà. Here I am.” He threw his arms out to his sides as if to say, “Aren’t you thrilled?

Ella’s emotions were conflicted. She was impressed by his detective skills, upset at his barging in on her morning, yet weirdly happy to see him. All she could think to say was, “Terrific. Great. If I had wanted you to know where I was staying, I’d have told you.”

“You’re so right, and again, I apologize. But you lost something and I just had to return it.”

“What? I didn’t lose anything.”

“Yes, you did. That is, if it fits you.” From under his shirt in his back shorts’ pocket, he pulled out a flip- flop. “It’s your glass slipper. If it fits, then you’re the woman of my dreams who ran out on me last night.”

Ella looked at the sad flip-flop in his hand and burst into laughter. “You fool! I don’t believe this. Where’d you get that? In a dumpster?”

“No. It’s new, from the convenience store. But like I said. It’s yours. Are you going to let me in, so I can try this thing on you and see if you’re the one?”

She started to say, I guess I have no choice, when he walked through the doorway, picked her up, and set her down in the nearest chair.

Janie had come out of her room, rubbing her bleary eyes, then ran her hands through her spiked hair. Her clothes were disheveled, and her wiry, petite body slouched, obviously hung-over. She stood in a stupor, watching, unable to speak with her mouth gaping open as this gorgeous man knelt on one knee in front of her friend. He took hold of Ella’s foot and slipped the flip- flop on, beaming up at her like a boy on Christmas morning opening his best present. “See. It fits perfectly.”

Ella couldn’t help but feel affection toward him. In fact, she felt more than that—beyond charm, attraction, and good looks—he was creative, funny, and was really pursuing her. She didn’t know if she had the power to resist the hugely magnetic force he exuded that drew her in almost against her will.

Giggling, she twirled her foot around. “Well, it sure does fit. So, what does that mean?”

“It means I found you after I thought I’d lost you for good. I warned you last night I would find you.”

Hearing the word “warned” snapped her back to last night just before she met him, when she’d heard, Something is coming, and this is fair warning. Chills went down her spine, especially recalling the rest of it: You’ll know when it happens, not long now. The next thing to happen was meeting Daniel.

“I’m not going to let you go as easily as just walking away,” he declared. “This is destiny.” That word “destiny” caused him to flash back to last week in the cockpit, with the feeling of something coming at him, coming in for a landing into destiny, and he fell silent.

They both got lost in their thoughts and inability to comprehend what was happening.

Janie broke the silence. Looking at Ella, she asked, “Am I dreaming? Because if this is real, then that’s the last time I party all night and leave you alone. Look at this—you’ve got a crazy man stalking you.” She then turned to Daniel. “So, are there any more like you where you came from?”

They all laughed hard, and Daniel joked back. “Nope. They broke the mold with me.”

Ella watched him, listened to him as he bantered with Janie, and knew he really was one of a kind, at least for her, and she could so easily fall for him—like falling off a cliff—one foot over the edge, losing balance, no going back, free falling with loss of control. In a split-second, her mind transported her to another place, suspended in space. She was lying on her back, and he was above her. She saw his face clearly and felt his embrace as he made love to her. It was natural and familiar. It was...what did he call it? Kismet. She was over the cliff now, falling, falling. It scared the hell out of her. Somehow, she’d have to make it stop.


Beautiful story of love, passion and mystery.N. Christine Samuelson has a wonderful talent of connecting you to the characters, their emotions and the settings so you feel you are part of the story. I couldn't wait to open this book each night to get carried away to a different world. …did not want it to end.” – Amazon review

“…Wow, what a beautiful story …emotional women’s fiction with lyrical narration set in Key West. …The characters…drive this story. …The spiritual element…kept me turning the pages. …Mystery and romance added depth to the plot. The ending: WOW! I didn’t see that coming…” – N.N. Light’s Book Heaven

“…Dreams, the distant past of a hundred years ago, and fate interweave in this compelling novel. … premonitions and flashbacks for Ella … Fate, History, and the Eternal Seas.” – Booksprout Review

“I loved this book. I am a spiritual person and the ending gave me chills. Loved the dialogue, so well written. …This was amazing. Would recommend to anyone.” – Amazon review

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$2.99 Half Price Sale

What’s your favorite part about being a romance author?

I’m simply in love with love, and I adore exploring and sharing all its stories. I write about romance and love in the context of life’s losses and triumphs, of the relationships forged and lost; of the pain and ecstasy that love brings in so many ways.

For me, the best part is keeping my stories real and believable while delving into the mysteries of the heart that can extend beyond the here and now. Love in all its forms is as varied and diverse as all those who feel it.

I try to give readers the opportunity to explore the world and beyond through stories of bonds of love, through passionate characters who love and hurt; who are broken and recover and love again because we all have a version of that story in our lives.

Here’s my tip to add romance to your love life:

Be bold. Be daring. Do something different that’s unexpected by your loved one. Seduce them with something they want. Make it about your partner and their desires. Make their wish come true.

There’s no greater attraction than to someone who wants to truly please you, excite you, make you happy, and mostly, love you even more.

Giveaway –

One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon US or Canada gift card

Open internationally. You must have a valid Amazon US or Amazon CA account to win.

Runs February 1 – 28

Drawing will be held on March 1.

Author Biography:

Christine writes contemporary novels of love, life and relationships involving the eternal bonds that transform lives and transcend time, death, and place. Creativity and writing have long been part of her award-winning careers in graphic design, advertising and newspapers. Now, in writing fiction, she explores the joys and triumphs, the tragic and magic of life and love that readers relate to.

Her characters are realistic, fresh and relevant with stories that include mystery and some mysticism. They are written in a unique voice and partially influenced by life experience which inspires the diverse settings, characters, and authentic storylines of her novels.

Living in coastal South Carolina, Christine finds the land and sea are constant sources of inspiration. She hopes readers will be inspired to look at life and love through a different lens and realize that no matter their circumstances, we all share similar stories in our lives and hearts.

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Unknown member
Feb 15, 2022

I enjoyed the excerpt and Eternal Seas sounds like a wonderful romance! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a Happy Valentine's Day!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Feb 08, 2022

Thank you, Christine, for sharing your book in our Love and Romance Book Festival!


Rita Wray
Rita Wray
Feb 08, 2022

I enjoyed the excerpt.

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