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5 stars for Eternity: The Reincarnation Series by @No1Bitchmaster #pnr #vampireromance #steamy

Title: Eternity: The Reincarnation Series, Book 7

Author: April Hollingworth

Genre: Vampire Romance, Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

A Love Lost to the Ages… Ever since Joshua Banks rebirth as a vampire, life has been one of loneliness and despair, after all, revenge only lasts so long, and once all those guilty of the crimes against his love were dead, all that was left was an eternity of loss without the woman he loves but couldn’t save. A Life Reborn… Nightmares of a different time and place plague Sabrina Dalton, yet in the midst of the nightmares a longing has settled for a man she doesn’t know, but only catches glimpses of. A Dark Kiss of Seduction… Can Joshua control his darkest urges when he meets Sabrina, or will his darkest desires mean losing her for eternity?


The Reincarnation Series consists of nine stories from award winning authors. Each can stand alone, but for those who love riveting vampire stories about second chances with a happily-ever-after, I invite you to read every story and enjoy!

Black Lotus - Kristal Dawn Harris Vintage - Laura M. Baird Blood Tears - Alyna Lochlan Switch - Hannah Morse Renaissance - Kristal Dawn Harris Buccaneer - Kristal Dawn Harris Eternity - April Hollingworth Dreamcatcher - Marilyn Barr Syre - Kyann Waters

My Review:

Joshua lost his love over three centuries ago but when he finds her reborn, will he control his deepest desires or lose her forever? Through his grief after burying his murdered beloved, he accepts the gift of vampirism. Sure, he was able to not only avenge her death but destroy an entire village so that history would not remember them. But three hundred years of loneliness is too much to bear. That is until he finds his beloved, now called Sabrina. She's in danger and he vows to protect her. But who will protect her from him? Can his unfailing love be redeemed, or will he lose her once more?

Eternity is an unputdownable paranormal romance I read in one sitting. The opening scene sets the tone for the whole book. Seduction and vampires go hand-in-hand so I thoroughly enjoyed Eternity. The hero is filled with so many turbulent emotions, my heart went out to him. It took me a little while to connect with Eloise/Sabrina. Her reaction to Joshua being a vampire didn't seem quite real to me. I kept asking myself how I'd react. The plot moves at a quick pace with plenty of romantic tension. The romance is well-written and I enjoyed watching the couple get their happily ever after. If you enjoy dark romance and/or vampire romance, you'll love Eternity. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Born in Dublin, I moved to England, finally we came back home to Ireland. I now live in West Cork. When I was a child I fell in love with books, amazing stories filled with mystery and intrigue, danger and fantasy this love has progressed into a passion with me. I also like photography and cemeteries, the older the better.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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Barbara Bettis
19 apr. 2022

A dandy review for what sounds like an intriguing novel! Wishing you all the best with your new book, April!

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