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5+ stars for Evolutionary Magic (Andromeda Bochs Book 1) by @ChristinaHerly1 #urbanfantasy #dystopia

Title: Evolutionary Magic (Andromeda Bochs Book 1)

Author: Christina Herlyn

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Dystopian, Fantasy

Book Blurb:

On post-asteroid Earth, the remaining human race is Normals versus Evolutionaries, and the Normals have the numbers and the power. When monsters of legend decide they're no longer mythical, few Normals object to forcing the scientifically-mysterious Evolutionaries to protect their frailer counterparts. Evolutionary, Andee and her security sword have slain more beasts than the average Normal has seen, but most Evolutionaries die on the job. Lately a lot of Andee’s co-workers are missing completely—runaways, corpses, or worse. In an attempt to solve this small mystery, Andee uncovers a hefty conspiracy she’s not equipped to handle. Her only allies are a scientist who believes in magic and a horse with a death wish; and the horse would betray her for an apple. But before she can get to the truth, a family secret reveals a magical curse in Andee’s blood. Monsters have always fallen beneath her sword, but how can she kill the monster within?

My Review:

Wow! Now that is a book that will appeal to just about everyone! If you have a thing for Rings or miss the magic of people like Harry and will want to read this. I was struck immediately by the easy readability. Christina Herlyn has created a world that is beyond normalcy but grounded, so it's easily accessible to a reader's mind.

Andromeda is the best lead character I have read since Scarecrow flew a spacecraft in battle during Solar Warden. Andee, a great name for her that I totally get, is heroic in every way. She is fiercely loyal, deadly dangerous, and adept at vengeful thoughts.

The descriptive ability to create the monsters sets Evolutionary Magic apart from many of this genre. The creativity is incredible and makes this book work so well. The streets of Kansas City are a dangerous place under the new 'moon'. I felt about 39% through this book that there had to be a book two. I am eager to see what the next book brings once it is written.

Andee is a little more forgiving to Waya than I would have been. Let’s not give any spoilers here but to say I detested him from the start and still do. If you want a read to take your mind from the boredom of pandemic land, buy this book. If you want to read a fantastic book of magic, monsters, heroes, and villains, buy Evolutionary Magic. I recommend this book to anyone. This is a fantastic book.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Christina grew up in Texas and Oklahoma but now lives in the Midwest where she earned a History degree from William Jewell College. She writes fantasy because dragons and witches wouldn't stay out of the perfectly normal historical novel she tried to write. Christina hates to read. (Ha! Just checking your attention span.) She worships the sun and exercises just enough to avoid being the first casualty in a zombie apocalypse. Her husband and three kids probably know she's a writer, but don't ask them to name her books. To be fair, don't ask her the names of her husband and children while she's writing. She'll get them wrong.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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