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Felice, Shield-Mates of Dar by @donnavstone is a Snuggle Up event pick #romance #99cents #giveaway

Title: Felice, Shield-Mates of Dar

Author: D. V. Stone

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Shifter Romance

Book Blurb:

One foolish thought. One brutal act. One hope for peace ended.

Shifter nation Dar is on the brink of war, and Felice, the youngest royal daughter, carries an accord meant to bind her sister to Abelard, Prince of Argatha–a human–and forge an alliance between the two countries.

Years after her first traumatic shift, Felice still struggles to control her inner panther until an attack by rogue soldiers sets off a chain of events destroying her hard-won control and chances of peace. To save her life, Abelard convinces Felice to become his Shield-Mate, once again giving her power to another.

Responsibility for the dying Emissary lies heavy on Abelard’s shoulders. He is a good soldier, but not, he realizes, a good man. Felice may be the catalyst to become a better son, prince, and husband.

War comes, but not the one expected. An invasion from an old enemy thrusts shifters and humans together—they must unite—or each may fall. Amid treachery and chaos, love blooms, and Abelard and Felice must come to terms with the past. But will tragedies of the past be too much to overcome? Even for love?


Felice gazed at him impassively, then rose and followed him to an open area away from the fire. She stalked around him with the grace of the panther, and Ayer paused to admire her. It was the pause that gave Felice her opening. Before Ayer knew it, she was at his back, the Falcata’s curved blade at his throat.

“Your first mistake, Prince Abelard,” she whispered into his ear, her soft breath making his own catch. “I am not like your women, hesitant and mincing. I am Darrian. When needed, I kill quickly and without hesitation.” She leaped away and circled him.

“I will not make it again.” Ayer grimaced and morphed into fighting mode.

With a blade in each hand, she stepped back and began to go through motions resembling a dance. “I don’t use a shield or armor. They would only slow me down. A Darrian is never a defensive fighter, always an offensive one.”

He took his usual fighting stance but then realized it would be the wrong strategy. Watching closely, he tried to mirror Felice’s moves. It was awkward at first, but Ayer soon found his rhythm.

They sparred tentatively, feeling each other out. Felice moved to strike, and Ayer swept her assault to the side. He growled when her Falcata threatened to pierce him yet again.

“I can use one hand to distract while going for the kill. I am not as large as a male, so I must find a style to suit my gifts,” she explained and whirled away once more. “I have speed and agility from my cat. She enhances my human form.”

No denial from him. He eyed her lithe form.

As time went on, Ayer learned to anticipate her moves. He was no longer haughty of his own prowess but learning and adapting. Soon, he had the upper hand, not due to superior skill, but because she was still recovering from injuries.

Felice faltered, and before she could regain her footing, he pinned her to the ground where she lay still beneath him, staring wide-eyed.

“I may not be Darrian, but I am a warrior and a man. I am also your husband and Shield-Mate,” he whispered, running his nose along her jawline. “You have had enough activity this evening.”

He released her and sprang to his feet in one movement while pulling her up and into his chest.


A shot of electricity jolted through him when she breathed his name. He clasped her to him and stared into bright jade eyes. Her body went soft against him. The palms of her hands lay against his chest. She wasn’t pushing him away. Felice flexed her fingers and licked her bottom lip.

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November is a time to be thankful. What are you most thankful for this year?

I’m so thankful for family and friends. I’m thankful that in a world where so much seems bad there is, as Sam told Frodo, “There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.” ― J. R. R. Tolkien

Why is your featured book worth snuggling up to?

Felice is a prickly character; she’s gone through so much. But underneath, she wants what most of us do. Someone to love us for who we are. I think the best books are action, adventure, love, and maybe a battle or two.

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Author Biography:

D. V. Stone is an award-winning author of independent and traditionally published works. She hosts a popular book and author blog, Around the Fire, and is a contributing writer for Still Moments Magazine, Dishing With D.V.

A Brooklyn, NY native, D.V. Stone has lived in many places, though she’s called New Jersey home for the past twenty-eight years.

A self-described Jack of All trades, she’s lived on a dairy farm in Minnesota, and a horse farm in NJ, before following a wide and varied path from waiting tables in a truck stop and as a motel maid. For many years she worked with the disabled and then became a volunteer EMT. That started her on the road to a thirty-plus year medical career spanning a hospital emergency room, women’s state prison, animal emergency hospital, and ending up in a radiology office. Taking a break from medical for a few years, she became the owner of Heavenly Brew, a specialty coffee shop in Sparta, NJ, and a small restaurant in Lafayette.

These days as a full-time author, she travels with her husband of twenty-eight years, dog Hali, and cat Baby in a 41ft 5th Wheel.

“Thank you for taking the time to read about me. Each time you open the pages to one of my books, I hope you’ll be swept away by the story and find encouragement in the pages. Never give up on hope.” D.V.

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Anastasia Abboud
Anastasia Abboud
15 Kas 2022

Oh, wow! This is fantastic! Sexy - and I appreciate that Felice is such a strong character. Love the Tolkien quote, too! Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season ahead!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
14 Kas 2022

Thank you, D.V. for sharing your book in our Snuggle Up With These Books!

D.V. Stone
D.V. Stone
14 Kas 2022
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I appreciate your hosting me while we snuggle up this month besides, who doesn't love to snuggle up with a panther?

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