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Fires of Hate by Heather Peck is a Kindle Unlimited pick #crimethriller #thriller #ku #giveaway

Title: Fires of Hate

Author: Heather Peck

Genre: Crime thriller

Book Blurb:


A Firebird Book Award Winner 2022

When a mysterious threat is received at a government laboratory and a terrorist attack precipitates a multi-agency response, DCI Greg Geldard is called in to investigate.

As he delves deeper into the case, he finds himself on a dangerous path. Someone he cares for is put at risk before he can close in on a violent criminal driven by hate.


Friday morning dawned bright and clear. As ever when it was important to hear his alarm, he had woken multiple times during the night, apparently for the express purpose of checking his alarm clock. As a result, by the time it did go off at six thirty he felt as though he’d been through a mangle. Nonetheless, he got up, showered and drove to work a whole ninety minutes earlier than normal. The approaches were quiet and the security guard had time for a chat, remarking on the surprise of seeing him before seven thirty. He replied with some anodyne comment, then drove through to the car park. There were very few cars in it at that time, and he had no difficulty leaving his car in the space designated K14.

At 1310 precisely, he got up from his work bench, took off his white lab coat and left it over the back of his chair. Someone called to him as he left the lab, but mindful of his instructions he took no notice. Pretending he hadn’t heard, he headed for the exit and the car park, pulling his keys from his pocket as he went. Just as he approached his car, his mobile phone rang.

Typically, when you’re in a rush, it caught on the edge of his pocket as he tried to pull it out to see if it was a call he needed to take. His mother! Oh God, this would be a long one and he was now running a few minutes late. As he got into his car, he saw the silver Ford Focus come round the corner and into the lane leading to K14. Hurriedly, he dropped the phone on the passenger seat and started his car. The silver Focus was already waiting a few yards away as he pulled out of the parking space. A man he didn’t know gave him a very cold stare, then looked over his shoulder to reverse into K14. Looking in his rear-view mirror, Jack saw him get out of the car, close the driver door and walk away towards the main entrance to the site. At this point, the phone connected to his car loudspeaker system and his mother became audible.

‘Jack, can you hear me? Jack, I asked whether you would be able to come up for your Gran’s birthday party next week? You know she’s eighty and would really love to have you.’

Distracted, Jack turned his attention away from the man walking briskly down the drive and concentrated on the squawking phone. ‘Hi, Mum,’ he replied. ‘I’ve told you; I don’t know yet.’

He was interrupted by an overwhelming noise, more roar than bang, and his car was propelled violently forward into the car in front.


Greg had just consumed his tuna sandwich at his desk, having heroically passed on the bag of crisps for the benefit of his waistline, when his phone rang. As he picked it up, he noticed that almost every phone in the outer office beyond his glass walls was also ringing.

‘Greg,’ said Margaret, ‘a bomb has gone off in the Science Park. No details yet, except that it’s at NASA. Looks like their threat was real. The local uniforms have called in for back up. I’d like you to deal as SIO, at least for the moment. If it’s terrorism, we may get some interference before long, but for now, you’re it.’

‘I’ll get over there straightaway. Any casualties?’

‘No confirmation, but it seems likely. The Norfolk and Norwich Hospital has been alerted. Fire service and ambulances are on their way.’

Greg left his office, grabbing phone and bag as he went. ‘Chris, I assume you’ve heard. With me, please. Jill, contact Jim and have him meet us there. Also alert Ned to get his team over ASAP.’

As he ran to his car, Chris hot on his heels, he was aware she was on her phone. Scrambling into the passenger seat she said, ‘Two local uniforms, Constables Brown and Deelan, were first on the scene. They say the fire brigade are in attendance and ambulances are arriving to take away the injured. It seems there’s a lot of casualties and some of the buildings are on fire. A lot of people still unaccounted for.’

‘Christ.’ Greg concentrated on the traffic as he pulled onto the A11. ‘No warning?’

‘It seems not.’

By the time they turned west on the A47 they could see a glow in the sky and plumes of black smoke. All access roads to the Science Park were blocked by police officers and tape. Greg showed his warrant card and they were waved through. By the time they got to the NASA site perimeter, both Greg and Chris were bereft of words. Two of the three perimeter buildings set around the car park in a horseshoe arrangement were burning fiercely. The third, for the moment, appeared to be safe and hoses were playing on it. The car park was a shambles in both the new and the old senses of the word. Cars were strewn at odd angles. At what appeared to be ground zero there was a large pit in the tarmac, and in the immediate vicinity Greg could see body parts. He swallowed hard and as he turned away there was another bang and a sheet of flame flapped off into the sky behind him. The background roar was such that he found it hard to make himself heard.

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3rd in the Greg Geldard Norfolk Mysteries, set in the unique rural landscape of the Norfolk Broads and coast, Fires of Hate tackles the sensitive topics of animal rights and discrimination, and that balancing point between good intelligence gathering and abusive honey trap. A Firebird Book Award Winner 2022, it’s a gripping and suspenseful read, packed with action and characters you’ll want to get to know.

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Winner will be drawn on November 17, 2023.

Author Biography:

Award-winning author Heather Peck has spent most of her working life in agriculture, both as a civil servant and as a hands-on farmer. This resulted in a wide variety of experiences, from managing the UK emergency response to the Chernobyl accident to breeding both sheep and alpacas commercially. She has been involved in international negotiations, pesticide legislation, food quality and animal welfare. After leaving government service she chaired an NHS Trust, then volunteered in Citizens Advice and the Witness Service before Covid changed everything and she combined her NHS and agricultural background by training as a Covid vaccinator. She lives in Norfolk with her partner Gary, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 hens and a rabbit. Heather’s books include a crime series for adults and animal-focussed books for children.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Nov 13, 2023

Thank you, Heather, for sharing your book in our KU Event!

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