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5+ stars for Chasing the Diamonds by Mary Martinez #romanticsuspense #mustread

Title: Chasing the Diamonds (Roni's Investigation Files Book 1)

Author: Mary Martinez

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb:

When Senator Denning reaches out to Roni Staples to set up a meeting, she’s intrigued. But when she learns the reason for the meeting is because the senator’s youngest son is missing and there is no ransom, it’s not a good sign. She must find the senator’s son and the longer it takes, the less chance of a live recovery. What she doesn’t need is a civilian tagging along. Sebastian De Santis is an easy going, singer songwriter. Life is good. He’s had a few bumps along the way, but he’s now a successful business owner. His nightclub ranks in the top ten of Tennessee’s best restaurants and brings in up-and-coming talent. Then someone decides to use his place to lure a senator’s son to kidnap him for information on two rare red diamonds. Now Sebastian is now invested in finding the culprits. Even if he isn’t a trained professional, he will help Roni in her investigation, despite her qualms.

My Review:

Looking for a romantic suspense you can’t put down? Chasing the Diamonds is a wonderful read filled with jewel heists, dark corners of society, a kidnapping of a senator’s son, a nightclub owner turned detective, and glittering red diamonds. The characters are a wide spectrum of people, even the baddies are interesting. The investigation is detailed with plenty of action and danger. Trust me, you’ll want to read this high-octane suspense.

It starts with the descriptive narration. Mary Martinez is a prolific author whose speciality is romantic suspense. Her genius is narration that’s intricate, deep, and filled with false clues. Every scene is described down to the last detail. Readers get flung into the story and stay until the last page.

The writing is expertly done. I love how the author only reveals tidbits, so the reader is in the dark, just like the main characters. The tension is high as is the intrigue. The more I read, the more I couldn’t stop reading. Seriously, I lost sleep while reading.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable romantic suspense, pick up Chasing the Diamonds. I loved every minute while reading and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

My Rating: 5+ stars

Buy it Now:

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Author Biography:

Mary lives in Magna, a little town west of Salt Lake City, Utah. Together with her husband, she has six grown children, and six wonderful grandsons and five beautiful granddaughters. She loves to spend time with family and friends--she includes good books as friends!

Mary and her husband love to travel, especially to the Caribbean for relaxing, and Italy for the wine. And most recently she discovered she was Irish and Scottish, of course they had to visit Ireland and Scotland. Mary fell in love with both, but the green hills of Ireland felt like home. With the experience from the exotic places she has visited, she is able to fill her books with colorful descriptions of cities, painting a colorful backdrop for her characters. One of her favorite US destinations is New York/Brooklyn, where her beloved Beckett's live. When she visits, she can wander their neighborhoods, favorite parks, and visit their favorite pub, Putnum's.

They are avid concert ‘Ho’s’! Yes, they pretty much want to do them all. They love outdoor amphitheaters the best and attend as many during the warmer months as possible.

Mary writes mostly romantic suspense, romance, women's fiction, and she has just begun to dabble in young adult mystery. She is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA). During her writing career she has been a conference coordinator, workshop presenter, and chapter president for the Utah Chapter of RWA. In 2007 she was presented with the Utah RWA service award in acknowledgment and appreciation for outstanding service. Mary has also participated in numerous library panels on writing and co-presented a workshop on writing a series at the League of Utah Writers conference.

Mary and her husband are also enthusiastic college football fans. They have season tickets to the UTES, University of Utah Football and they tailgate every game. They love tailgating so much, that they were married at a tailgating in 1999.


Press kit available upon request.

What reviewers are saying:

Beckett Series:

Amazon reviewer gave it 5 Stars: Excellent series with just the right balance of romance and suspense.

Chick Magnet:

Brenda from The Romance Studio, gives it 5 hearts and says: I highly recommend this book to all.

Classic Murder: Mr. Romance:

What a great book! This book is full of romance! The mystery is top-notch, also. This is a book to read and recommend. Reviewed by Stephanie Rollins for

Three Brides and a Dress:

Mav' at Coffee Time Romance - 4 cups ~~

What an utterly delightful story! Completely different from any of the books I have read until now.

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Reviewed by: Nancy


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