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Video | Science fiction readers will love Freefall by @9YAVli0iT6ZZLTC #booktrailer #ku #scifi

Title: FREEFALL (Vol One of the Amalie Noether Chronicles)

Author: Jana Williams

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Jana Williams

Freefall Trailer: Written by Jana Williams / Animation by Milan Kumar Boro

Book Blurb:

Light years from home, aboard a packed transport ship filled with young colonists, Elle suspects the drug they all take to enable deep-space transit may be poisoning them – with light years left to travel. Each new sleep cycle brings more confusion and anger as the cadets watch the camaraderie forged through years of training together splinter apart. Elle is in a race against time to find a solution.

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Author Biography:

Author Jana Williams grew up watching the stars from the backseat of the family car during numerous driving trips initiated by her father. The seemingly endless excursions across the continent encouraged all of them to take turns telling stories to entertain each other. Jana never lost the knack and has written novels, screenplays and even a stage play for a friend who needed a theatre piece to perform. In support of her writing she has been a high-speed motion picture photographer, a literary sales agent for small publishers, a mother and sole proprietor of her own business.

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1 Comment

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 22, 2020

Thank you, Jana, for sharing your Freefall book trailer with us. It's so beautiful!

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