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5+ stars for French Ghost by @corinnelabalme #romanticmystery #Paris #mystery #bookreview

Title: French Ghost (Book 1: Paris Ghost Writer Chronicles)

Author: Corinne LaBalme

Genre: Romantic Mystery

Book Blurb:

Ghost-writer Melody Layne is stranded in Paris when the over-sexed but unloved French movie star who hired her to produce his memoir accidentally drowns before the interviews begin. It's a major financial relief when his enigmatic Spanish son re-hires her, but the seductive Carlos Ortega is strangely silent about his reasons for funding a feel-good bio about a father that he clearly despised. There's enough amour in the air for Melody to ignore this apparent paradox… at least until she uncovers a hidden cache of death threats addressed to the actor. For the French police, the sexy, secretive Spaniard – and sole heir to the actor's immense fortune – is suddenly a prime murder suspect. Can Melody's research into the Ghosts of Carlos-Past be enough to save her lover from prison?

My Review:

Ghostwriter Melody Layne lands her big-money break when her client winds up dead and it’s up to her to unmask the killer. Melody loves ghostwriting but it doesn’t pay much. She’s biding her time, waiting for her big break. Like a beacon of light, she’s hired to be the ghostwriter for some aging playboy French movie star. But before she can start the interviewing process in Paris, he ups and dies. An accident says the authorities. Many suspects attend his funeral, including Melody. She panics, thinking she’ll be broke and alone in Paris, but when the heir of the estate, Carlos, contacts her, she’s rehired. There’s something mysterious about Carlos. Why would he want some fluffy, happy memoir about his father who he loathes? What’s his motive? As Melody researches, she discovers death threats for the deceased actor. The French police get involved and finger Carlos for the murder. Melody tries desperately to save her now boyfriend, Carlos, from the proverbial guillotine but she might be too late.

French Ghost is a romantic mystery set in Paris I couldn’t put down. Who knew ghostwriting in France could turn deadly? From the first page, I connected with Melody. She’s a fun, plucky heroine with a comedic flair I enjoyed immensely. Through immersive descriptive narration, I transported to France and experienced everything Melody went through. I could smell the croissants and the French smells waft through my tablet as I read. One of my favorite scenes has to be the costume party where Carlos chose her costume. Hilarious! The plot moves at a pretty quick pace but between the dialogue, quirky characters, and trying to figure out the mystery, I hardly noticed. I stayed up late reading because I could not put it down. There’s a definite French vibe throughout the story and I adored every minute of it. Corinne LaBalme is a talented writer who writes an intricate storyline so lush, so beautiful, I wanted to stay in her crafted world forever. If you’re looking for a mystery with romance set in France, you’ll want to read French Ghost. If you love romantic mystery, you’ll want to read French Ghost. I look forward to reading from this author. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Corinne LaBalme lives in France and loves everything about it… except eating snails. Her articles about European fashion, food and fun destinations have appeared in The New York Times Travel section, Diversion, La Belle France and France Revisited. Her favorite place to write? Any Parisian café with a good croissant connection…

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

1 Comment

Jan K Sikes
Jan K Sikes
Mar 23, 2022

What an intriguing story line! Thank you for sharing this one, Mrs. N. and congrats to Corinne (a new author to me).

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