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Ghosts of New England: Skullery Bay by @nfraserauthor is a Halloween pick #paranormalromance #spooky

Title: Ghosts of New England: Skullery Bay

Authors: Lisa A. Olech, Kathryn Hills, Nancy Fraser

Genre: Paranormal Romance (Historical/Contemporary)

Book Blurb:

An anthology unlike any other...

4 Different Centuries

4 To-Die-For Romances

The Same 2 Ghosts!

Widow’s Walk (1737) by Author Lisa A. Olech

He’s the infamous pirate, Captain John Jacob Wilder.

She’s the daughter of his fiercest enemy.

Their love is the beginning of the legend.

Cast to the Wind and Waves (1837) by Author Kathryn Hills

She’s the heiress determined to restore Fairwinds to its former glory.

He’s the solicitor working as a caretaker because of the deadly curse.

Their love will rebuild the legend.

The Bootlegger’s Daughter (1924) by Author Nancy Fraser

She’s the daughter of one of the FBI’s most wanted criminals.

He’s her bodyguard, and not at all what he seems.

Their love will return dignity to the legend. Jilly’s Dilemma (Present Day) by Author Nancy Fraser

She’s the new owner of Fairwinds, a flaky artist who talks to ghosts. Repeatedly.

He’s the staid, young professor there to document Fairwinds' history.

Their love will make you believe in the legend.

Excerpt from Widow’s Walk by Lisa A. Olech

Skullery Bay, Mystic Point, 1737

“Jake, all is secured.”

“Good work.” Captain John Jacob Wilder clapped his brother on the shoulder. The raid had taken more effort than expected, but the spoils were twice as rich. The five chests of silver alone would more than cover the slight damage to The Phantom’s mainsail and the surgeon’s fee to stitch the few minor wounds of the crew—and the sail. A goodly store of gun powder and shot, chests of spice, hog heads of rum. Aye, the crew was due a chance to crow and had well earned their drink tonight.

Jake tipped his head toward their prisoners. “Finish lashing those bastards to the gunnels, and we can take our leave.”


A scrawny lad fought against his captors. “Capt’n! I beg ya. Take me wit ya.” He kicked at the two men trying their best to keep hold of him.

“Shut yer hole an’ git wit the rest.”

“Capt’n,” the lad insisted. “I’ll fight n’ scrape hard fer ya, I will.”

Jake turned and appraised the boy. There was nothing to the lad. He was all elbows and knees beneath the rags he wore. “What’s yer name?”

“Oliver. Oliver Sharp, Capt’n.”

Jake narrowed his eyes at him. “Tell me why I should take on a sorry specimen like you?” His men still held the boy as he shook shaggy hair out of his face and stuck his chin out in defiance. As he did so, Jake noticed the swollen, discolored skin around the boy’s eye and along his jaw. His lip had been split. He’d taken quite a beating, and recently.

“I told ya. I’ll fight hard. Work harder. Ye won’t be sorry.”

“Release him,” ordered Jake. The men did, and the lad rubbed at his shoulder and shot a sneer at their backs. “Who beat you, boy?”

The lad stuck his thumbs in his pockets and held his ground. “Are ye takin’ me wit ya, or not?”

Impertinent whelp. Jake raised his voice. “Answer the question.”

“No sense if yer just gonna leave me here with the ruttin’ bastard.” Oliver glared over his shoulder.


“Rasher,” the boy spit out the name.

“Captain Rasher?”

“Ye ken another Rasher?”

“What’d he beat ye for?” Jake asked.

The lad folded spindly arms across his narrow chest. “What ya think?”

Jake had heard rumors of James Rasher’s penchant for young boys. “I take it you didn’t share his…interests?”

“I did not.” Young Oliver notched his chin.

Jake pointed at the boy’s face. “He give you that eye?”

“He did.”

“Go.” Jake jerked his head in the direction of the mast where Captain Rasher was currently lashed. “Give it back to him. Then secure yerself aboard The Phantom.”

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

One of the most ambitious projects any of the three of us has attempted, Ghosts of New England: Skullery Bay crosses centuries and romance sub-genres, but remains true to the idea that no matter the time period or the circumstances, love will always win out in the end. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that we have two romantically randy ghosts who come together whenever it storms!

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Runs October 26 – November 3, 2021.

Winner will be drawn on November 4, 2021.

Author Biography:

LISA A. OLECH—loves art, pirates and a cranky curmudgeon she affectionately calls the Wizard of O. Currently the author of eight Romance titles in both the contemporary and historical genres, she uses witty dialog with a side order of sexy to bring to life multi-faceted, adventurous, smoldering characters you’ll not soon forget.

A 2018 RITA Award nominee for her book, Within A Captain’s Soul, the final book in her Captains of the Scarlet Night series, Lisa’s won a variety of writing contests and achieved the ranks of Amazon Best Seller with her debut book in 2014.

Living on the shores of On Golden Pond, Lisa shares a drafty, old Victorian house with a wizard and two schizophrenic cats she brought into the house in an attempt to fill her empty nest and keep her from talking to herself in a British accent. As an author, artist, Justice of the Peace, and aspiring beekeeper, Lisa finds true inspiration in the beauty and love that surround her. And, she takes full credit for three homes on her quiet New England street now proudly flying the Jolly Roger from their flagpoles.

~ ~ ~

KATHRYN HILLS—The rich history and many mysteries of New England are the perfect backdrop for many of Kathryn’s books. Winding roads lined by old stone walls, forgotten cemeteries, grand homes with shadowy pasts...all sparks for her imagination. Whether it’s a quaint seaside town or the vibrant city of Boston, it’s easy for this “hauntingly romantic” author to envision the past mingling with the present. No surprise, some of Kathryn’s favorite stories involve time travel. And ghosts! Sprinkle in some magic, and you’re off on a great adventure.

When not writing, this best-selling author is researching, gardening, or cooking up something special in her chaotic kitchen. She shares her colonial home in the north woods with those she loves most – her wonderful husband and daughter, and three crazy dogs.

~ ~ ~

NANCY FRASER—Jumping Across Romance Genres with Gleeful Abandon—is an Best-Selling and Award-Winning author who can’t seem to decide which romance genre suits her best. So, she writes them all.

When not writing (which is almost never), Nancy dotes on her five wonderful grandchildren and looks forward to traveling and reading when time permits. Nancy lives in Atlantic Canada where she enjoys the relaxed pace and colorful people.

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